Hollywood is in a snit.  Hollywood is very angry.  Hollywood is having a nervous breakdown.  The Donald is in the White House, and Hollywood types cannot take it any more.  Ditto for the New York Times and the TV networks, except for FOX.  Madonna, that aging show-off whose vocabulary consists mainly of the F-word, said in a speech before thousands that she’s thought about blowing up the Trump White House, a threat that would land the rest of us in jail, but she’s immune thanks to her age and vulgarity.  (Prisons are already in bad shape; no use making them worse.)  Frank Bruni, a Times columnist who used to write about food and now advises us on politics, is so upset that he’s thinking of giving up gay sex.  Another hysterical Times columnist, a guy called Blow, put on a show demanding that The Donald do a no-show, but didn’t get his wish.  He now calls the 45th president illegitimate, a “troglodyte” who won a Russian-rigged election.

Such are the joys of our liberal media, but let’s not judge them too harshly.  They’re depressed.  Lacking talent, they’ve descended to the lowest common denominator of screaming abuse and crying foul.  They all remind me of losing Greek political candidates, and also some South American ones.  (There are no real elections in Africa, so I will skip that continent.)  And then there’s Max Boot, a neocon Washington ass-licker, who has called The Donald a “Manchurian Candidate.”  This brings me back to Hollywood, and Meryl Streep.

Now no one in his right mind would deny her talent—no one except our President, that is.  But an ex-editor of mine, Charles Moore—who, at age 25, was named head of The Spectator, the oldest weekly magazine in the English speaking world—has recently revealed how the sainted Meryl was guilty of exactly what she accused The Donald of in her speech at the Golden Globes.  Moore, in his late 50’s and the official biographer of Margaret Thatcher, is one of the most respected writers and journalists in Britain, a nation that considers the hacks, as journalists are called in that rainy place, to be one step above child molesters.  The controversy began when Trump was campaigning in 2015 and alleged that “thousands of Muslims in Jersey City had publicly celebrated the attack of 9/11.”  The allegation caused outrage, and Trump’s numbers now seem to have been wildly exaggerated.

However, the Trump camp came up with evidence that such celebrations had taken place, and one such report had been produced, following the terrorist attacks, by a Washington Post hack by the name of Serge Kovaleski.  Fourteen years later, Kovaleski denied that he had written it, and was in turn attacked by Trump as a liar.  That was obvious.  The hack could not undo what he had written, no matter how hard he wanted to.  So he lied, and Trump made fun of him, making gestures that Trump’s critics immediately misconstrued as Trump making fun of Kovaleski’s withered arm.

Trump defenders pointed out that The Donald had made the same gestures when mimicking weasel excuses by Ted Cruz as well as by an American general, neither of whom have any physical disabilities.  As Charles Moore points out, when looking at the clips, Trump has a very strong case.

Meryl got the headlines she wanted by smearing Trump, who happened to be innocent of the charge, for his “instinct to humiliate” a person with a disability.  Yet Streep herself turns out not to be as clean as she pretends.  Disrespect for the afflicted won her an Oscar, as when she portrayed Lady Thatcher in The Iron Lady.  Lady Thatcher was still alive and very conscious of how Meryl portrayed her, and according to people in the know, she was very hurt by it.  Empathy is a word used quite a lot by Hollywood types while virtue-signaling.  Meryl got a lot of mileage out of virtue-signaling at the Golden Globes, but only a few of us know just how phony her speech was.  Margaret Thatcher was a wonderful and great leader, and deserved better than Meryl’s portrayal of her as a woman who’d lost her mind.

But that’s Hollywood for you.  It mourns Hillary, a charmless, greedy, and ruthless go-getter who has always hitched a ride on successful men, and Hollywood now mourns the victory of a man who knows a bullshitter when he sees one.

The best, however, I’ve kept for last.  In the New York Times of January 23, Jeff Shesol, a former speechwriter for Bill Clinton, writes that Trump was “rejected by 73 million voters.”  That’s a trick no tabloid west of Tehran would even attempt in order to get its point across.  He subtracts the Trump votes from all votes that were cast.  So I turn the tables on that dishonest newspaper and announce in the same spirit that Trump won by well over four million votes—if we discount the votes of majority–minority California.  How do you like those apples, you old hag?