No studies indicate, let alone demonstrate, that a significant percentage of ordinary white people “hate” black people, or black white, or indeed that an appreciable number belonging to any race in America today “hates” members of any other race.  But there’s no question that a great many people who subscribe to any one of the various “ideologies” (collective fantasies) alive in contemporary American society hate members of racial groups outside their own.  Setting aside the question of what “hate” means to the left (mostly mere disapproval of, or distaste for, the Other, or else a simple perception of unbridgeable alienism), the plain fact is that liberalism, of all these ideologies, is by far the greatest and most widespread purveyor of “hate.”  Nor does anyone need go out of his way to note the phenomenon, since liberals have been aggressively shouting their antiwhite message from the rooftops for the last three or four or five decades.

Blacks did not invent the condemnatory category of “dead white males,” nor was it a black woman or a “Latina” but a white one who memorably described the white race two generations ago as “the cancer of history.”  And though a tiny minority of black college students has called for “days without white people” on campus and made other segregationist demands, white administrators have tolerated and even encouraged such behavior on nearly every occasion.  Though many nonwhite people—mainly black and Latino “intellectuals” and “artists”—have been eager to join with the white-inspired antiwhite movement that took shape in the 1960’s, reverse racism was created and has been sustained by white people who, conveniently ignoring their own whiteness, defend it as a justified and even necessary element of the modern liberal program.  The Frankfurt School, fons et origo of anti-Western liberalism, consisted entirely of white Europeans when it was given refugee status in America by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service in the 1930’s, and it remained white for so long as its founders lived, though it began rapidly attracting a multiracial following 30 years after its arrival in its new home.  A central aim of Frankfurt was to foment revolution in this country and abroad by nonwhites, women, students, and other “oppressed” people, with the aim of destroying Western civilization—and, by clear implication, the white race along with it.  Liberals don’t deny these things, nor do they repudiate what they view as being simply a part of the benevolent ideology behind the agenda of advanced liberalism working on behalf of a noble and humane international cause, one of whose unacknowledged but crucial components is the global extirpation of Christianity.  Ultimately, liberals hate white people less for their genes than for their historical role as the sinister carriers of Christianity to peoples around the world.

Postmodern liberalism is multiculturalism, and multiculturalism is just as immoral, aggressive, and insane as white nationalism since it is actually antiwhite nationalism, and no less shy, abashed, and timid for that.  Nor need it be, since, so far from being socially and politically reprehensible today, it is admired and fashionable.  Richard Spencer and David Duke, wicked as they are, do not attack peaceful political gatherings with clubs, mace, and bear spray, but their enemies on the left do.  “The basis of communism is hatred,” Lenin said, and hatred is the basis of multicultural liberalism, as it is of any ideology with a strong racial and cultural component.  Antifa’s self-characterization as “anarchist” is really a political euphemism for “fascist,” itself a euphemistic expression for what liberalism in its contemporary form—when applied to “direct action” especially—is rapidly becoming.  (“Fascism” in this sense has nothing to do, obviously, with Mussolini’s corporate economy or Hitler’s “nationalization of the people.”)  No one should be surprised to see the next Democratic administration, whenever that should arrive, co-opt these people, clean them up a bit, put them into proper uniform, and disperse them in intimidating squads around the country.

So far as Donald Trump owes his electoral victory last year to “racism,” the recognition by a large majority of America’s white population that liberal multiculturalism is implicitly—and frequently explicitly—the ideology of antiwhite racists of every color, white ones especially, was certainly the decisive factor.  The onslaught over the summer against Confederate statues and everything else Confederate, which was far less pro-black and antislavery than it was antiwhite, can only have confirmed it in this view.  A recent poll purports to show that 56 percent of the American public thinks the President is “tearing America apart.”  But ideological liberalism, by far the most divisive and destructive force in the history of the Western democracies, has been working relentlessly for decades to divide and subdivide American society by the devilish practice of identity politics.  Now Donald Trump is trying to muster resistance by the sane half of the country against the insane other half in a thoroughgoing political offensive that professional politicians of both parties should have undertaken two generations ago.