Rush Limbaugh explains why he gives thisrnextraordinary anthology by Reagan Cabinetrnmember William Bennett his unqualifiedrnendorsement:rn”The Book of Virtues is built on an oldrnphilosophical principle nearly forgotten inrnthe public disoission (and in certain recentrnpresidential campaigns), but it is an idea Irnhave long championed: Character matters.rnWhat a concept! But beware — somernof the lessons in this book are rooted inrnreligion, which means the anthology willrnbe ruled unconstitutional if carried into anrnAmerican school.rnIt belongs, however, in every home. ThernBook of Virtues is a superb collection,rncertain to fortify you and yours for a lifetimernof morality, goodness, and rightrnthinking.”rnMr. Bennett groups the selections accordingrnto the ten virtues or good habits they aim torninstill:rnSelf-Discipline * Compassionrn* Responsibility • Friendshiprn* Work • Courage * Perseverancern* Honesty * Loyalty • FaithrnEach section carries its own introductoryrnessay, and the selections have explanatoiyrnnotes where necessary. You get an amazingrn384 selections. Most are stories, of course, butrnllie Bookrnof MirtuesrnA . s u , i * ^ (It- *;rni S * I, S 1 O K ! Irn••mm’ natf!- ”^mhilf “^ •^ • W'”rnWiiiiarn J.rnV ‘ & n n e t f •••’••••rnyou also get generous helpings of inspiringrnverse.rnThe selections range from half a page tornseveral pages — all short enough to be readrnaloud at bedtime, during a class or homeschoolrnsession, or by young readers on theirrnown. Adults will be delighted to meet manyrnold favorites again, and to discover neglectedrngems that enriched the moral life of previousrngenerations.rn”America has long been inrnneed of a C. S. Lewis …rnWilliam J. Bennett, the formerrnSecretary of Education andrndrug czar, may be as close inrnintellectual likeness to Lewisrnas America has had at the nationalrnlevel.”-CAL THOMASrn”Mr. Bennett has created arntreasury no conservative,rnparent would want to bernwithout. For conservativernparents know the role suchrnstories can play in moralrneducation. The early buildingrnof character depends heavilyrnon examples, both in thisrnworld and in literaturern. . . . What Mr. Bennett hasrnprovided, then, is not just arnsource of enjoyment andrnliterary education, but arncontribution to moral literacyrnand a path back to social orderrnfor future generations.”rn—National ReviewrnHow to get this $27.50 treasury FREErnHow the Club WorksrnEvery 4 weeks (13 times a year) you get a free copy of the Qub Bulletin, which offersrnyou the Featured Selection plus a good choice of Alternates. Books on current issues,rnreligion, education, homeschooling, politics, children’s books, etc. — all of interest tornconservatives. * If you want die Featured Selection, do notiiing. It will comernautomatically. * If you don’t want die Featiued Selection, or you do want an Alternate,rnindicate your wishes on die handy card enclosed witii your Bulletin and return itrnby die deadline date. • The majority of Qub books are offered at 20-50% discounts,rnplus a charge for shipping and handling. • As soon as you buy and pay for 3 booksrnat regular Qub prices, your membership may be ended at any time, eidier by you orrnby die Club. • If you ever receive a Featured Selection widiout having had 10 days torndecide if you want it, you may return it at Qub expense for full credit. • The Qubrnwill offer regular Superbargains, mosdy at 70-95% discounts plus shipping andrnhandling. Superbargains do not count toward fulfilling your Gub obligation, but dornenable you to buy fine books at giveaway prices. * Only one membership perrnhousehold.rnVrn/ll CONSERVATIVE I ! ! BOOK CLUBrn33 OAKLAND AVENUE • HARRISON. N.Y. 10528rnPlease accept my membership in the Club and send me FREE thern831-page, $27.50 Boole of Virtues by William J. Bennett. I agree tornbuy 3 additional books at regular Club prices over the next 18rnmonths. I also agree to the Qub rules spelled out in this coupon.rnCCUL-111rnName .rnAddress .rnCity .State. Zip _rnrnrn