These are the issues they SHOULD be talking aboutnAnd the answers—^with a strategy for victorynA few years ago President Reagan paid the Heritage Foundation the highest possible tribute:n”It’s not the money or numbers of people or size of the offices that measure Heritage’s impact. Yournfrequent pubUcations, timely research, poUcy papers, seminars and conferences account for your enormousninfluence on Capitol Hill and—believe me I know—at the White House.”nWith Ronald Reagan leaving Washington soon, the Heritage Foimdation, with the Free Congress Foimdation,nhas pubUshed ISSUES ’88. Because we don’t hear the real issues discussed in Campaign ’88.nFor the first time under one cover, you can read all the policy recommendations we’ve made privately atnthe White House and on Capitol MD.nThree dozen of Washington’s best conservative policy minds contributed to this 3-volume set. You’ll find 238nsolutions to the most pressing problems manufactured by the Uberals. The planks fall into 3 categories:n1 Tax cuts: how to get them after Ronald Reagan leaves town * Spending curbs that are virtually ours fornthe asking * Energy crisis? No, a boom awaits a few simple steps * Working with Japan * Ways to insurenthat our economy keeps growing, beyond the supply side prescriptionsn-7 Dealing with the Commimists, including their most dangerous standard bearer yet, Gorbachev *nRebuilding America’s defenses for the new threats posed by an improved Soviet military: a workable programnto get Strategic Defense off the ground * Reversing setbacks in Central America * How to turnnback the Russians and their cohortsn’I From the Free Congress Foundation, family Ufe and social issues addressed: Exploiting opportunitiesnhanded us by the radicals -k Why reforming America isn’t merely a “religious” imperative * An 11-pointnplan for lasting education reformnIt’s easy for thinli tanks like Heritage and Free Congress to chum out “answers.” ISSUES ’88 goes way beyondnthat. Worldng with the White House, Heritage has shown that conservatives can win in Wastiington. And eachnchapter of ISSUES ’88 shows how to pass our agenda—even at times with the help of certain liberals. Outlined:nObstacles + Strategy and tactics + The victory coalitionnIs it any wonder that a top aide to Senator Edward Kennedy once moaned:n”Heritage is a constant ideological presence on [Capitol] Hill.”nHailed by National Review, HumannEvents, and The Wall Street JournalnNwded: action—fast ‘~nI L’ts hciir ilif lihciaK tlisi:iis> iht-sc miiail prl)bk•nl^ cluiiri!; C’iiinpaign “88. A liny Mimple iVoni ISSUl’S “HH:n• IViuhiL-iiini: Suvici ii.vliiioli)}iii;ul atl:un.cs in soiiif areas (or did you ihiiik wv sill had a L-oiiilbriabIc lead?)n• Rerorriis lor t’cdcial healili and wdlari; proiirani-., bclorc they collapse on lop of usn• iighienini; up ilie Heniauon hiideel -lo iiive us S2() billion extra ihis year alone I’or weaponsn• Why we (.vn build a siraiepie defeti’se ^llield now. whijiping up publie suppori a-, ilie same liincn• W’hai’s ri’iilty ilireaienins; ilie auio indusiry? This miiihi be the bcM-liepi sa’rei in Washincion (so why isn’t it aneainpaiizn issue’.’)nYES – Rush me ISSUES ’88!n[ ] … and bill me $19.95 per set. Please send sets.n[ ] I enclose $19.95 per set. Please send ‘ sets.n[ ] Enclosed is a tax-deductible donation for The Heritage Foundation’s vitalnwork. Please send me ISSUES ’88 at no charge:nMy namenAddress _n$5000 $2500 $1000 $500 $100 $50 $25nCity State Zip_n^Hentage^oundatiori 214 Massachusetts Ave., N.E./Washington, D.C. 20002nnn