Or, if you prefer, take TWO free. Values to $69.95n2730 THE CONSERVATIVE MIND – RussellnKirk. New 7th Edition of “the best and clearest expositionnof the conservative philosophy.”—James J.nKilpatrick. $19.95n2550 WITNESS – Whittaker Chambers. Hoquentnautobiography of the man who spied for Stalin,nrepented and became America’s chief anti-nCommunist wimess. $17.95n2201 WEALTH AND POVERTY – GeorgenGilder. “So grand in its outlook, so optimistic in itsnapproach that it is breathtaking a positivendefense of capitalism as a moral force … a book tonbe treasured.”—flflrron’j. $19.95n2451 MODERN TIMES: The WoiM from the 20snto the 80s — Paul Johnson. For the first time: andetailed, stylish survey of our era — by a conservative.n”Truly distinguished.”—Robert Nisbet,yvynTimes. “Brilliant, densely textured.”—W’a// 5/.nJournal. “Extraordinary. “^for/>es. 817 pages.n$29.95n2713 MARXISM: Phaosophy and Economics —nThomas Sowell. “Extraordinajily ludd and carefuDynreasoned … if one wants to discover through simplenand straightforward language the essence of Marx’snideas as well as why they still maintain powetfijl influencen… this book is a valuable introduction.”n-must. Journal. $15.95n2632 THE ESSAYS, ARTICLES & REVIEWSnOF EVELYN WAUGH. Rich 687-page collectionnof 237 sparkling pieces — most never published innU.S. $40n2620 SUICIDE OF THE WEST – James Bumham.nThe most profound (and prophetic) insight intonthe liberal mind ever written. “A book … fornwhich the worid has been aching.”—Wm. F.nBuckley Jr. $18.95n2630 LOSING GROUND – Charles Murray.n”Has finally and unanswerably demolished both thenmoral and the practical claims of the welfare state.”n—George Gilder. “Devastating.”—Afflft’ona/nReview. “A great book.”—(fa// St. Journal.n$23.95n2693 THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO, 1918-1956n— Alexander Sokhenitsyn. The three massivenvolumes of the original here masterfiilly abridged bynEdward E. Ericson Jr. — with Solzhenitsyn’s approval.nThe heart of the most important anti-nCommunist book ever written now emerges withneven greater impact. Foreword and Afterword bynSolzhenitsyn hirnself. $25n2554 UP FROM LIBERALISM – fVm. F.nBuckley Jr. Foreword by John Dos Passos. Classicnanti-liberal polemic reissued. “What he says andnhow he says it is sure.. .to drive the liberals to thenbrink of mayhem…breathtaking.”—(Fo// St.nJournal. $16.95n2583 HOW DEMOCRACIES PERISH – Jean-nFrancois Revel. “Casts a cold eye on the intellectualnside of our present danger … a firebell in thennight.”-Geoige F. Will. $17.95n2612 THE LETTERS OF EVELYN WAUGH. Ifnletterwiiting is a dying art, it expires gloriously innthese 684 pages. “Dazzling.”—7?/ne. “Delicious.”n—Newsweek. $25nHow to claim either one or two of these classics FREEnmnCONSERVATIVE I!! BOOK CLUB 15 Oakland Avenue • Harrison, NY 10528nHow the Club WoriwnEvery 4 weeks (13 times a year) you get a fiw copy of the Qub Bulletin whichnoffers you the Featured Selection plus a good choice of Alternates — all of interestnto conservatives. • If you want the Featured Selection, do nothing; it willncome automatically. • If you don’t want the Featured Selection, or you donwant an Alternate, indicate your wishes on the handy card aiclosed with yournBulletin and Ktam it by the deadline date. • The majority of Qub books willnbe offered at 20-50% discounts, plus a charge for shipping and handling. • Asnsoon as you buy and pay for the number of books you agreed to buy at re^arnQub piices, your membership may be ended at any time, either by you or bynthe Club. • If you ever receive a Featured Selection without having had 10 daysnto decide if you want it, you may return it at Qub expense for full credit. •nGood service. No computers! • The Qub wi offer i^ar Superbaigains,nmostly at 70-90% discounts plus shipping and handling. Superbargains do NOTncount toward fiilfilling your Qub obli^on, but do enable you to buy finenbooks at giveaway prices. * Only one membership per household.nPlease check the option you prefernD Please accept my membership in the Cub and send, free and postpaid, the booknwhose number I have written in the box below:nI agree to buy 3 additional books at regular Qub prices over the next 18 months. Inalso agree to the Oub rules spdied out in this coupon.nD Please accept my membership in the Chib and send, free and postpaid, the two booksnwhose numbers I have written in the boxes bdow:nI agree to buy 4 additional books at regular Qub prices over the next 2 years. I alsonagree to the Qub rules spelled out in this coupon.nCCUL-34nName _nAddressnCity .State. Jip.nnn