You may have started reading these stories around the age ofneight. And it’s safe to say you’ll still be reading them at 88. Nownthe children you love can meet…n”The Christian author kids lilie best”n—CATHOLIC TWIN CIRCLEn”The books offer excitement and adventure enough to pleasenrestless young readers, and Christian teaching transparentnenough ‘to get the message across’ — without seemingnpreachy,” adds the reviewer.nIt’s not surprising that Christian publications of all denominationsnrave about C. S. Lewis. He’s everyone’s favorite Christiannwriter. But secular media are equally enthusiastic. E.g., Parents’nChoice:n”Rich in illusion, entertainment and philosophy … some of thenmost satisfying fantasy books ever penned • • • resolute atheists takennote, NARNIA is religious fantasy … Asian is God, thinly disguised.nFortunately, Lewis’ rather exalted philosophical air is breezynwith humor.”nEvery volume is a gem:nTHE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE. How Asian, thennoble Lion, frees Narnia from the spell of the White Witch.n”Fantasy in the best tradition, full of strange beasts, witches andnchildren … A family book to read aloud.”—San FrancisconChronicle. “Beautiful, frightening, wise.”—Afew Yorker.nYOURS FREEn”The finest coOection ofnstories for children • • •nwritten in our times”n—CHICAGO TRIBUNEn7 uniform volumes in handsome boxed setnPublisher’s price $39L95 — yours FREEnPRINCE CASPIAN. How the good Prince and his army of talkingnbeasts conquer the Tehnarines. “Good plot, convincingnchSiTSicters.”—Saturday Review. “Wonderfully well written …nstyle and imagination as seldom met in modern books.”—NFnHerald Tribune.nTHE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER. Caspian sails throughnmagic waters to the end of the world. “Should be introduced tonall imaginative children.”—Horn Book.nTHE SILVER CHAIR. How Prince Rilian escapes from thenunderground kingdom of the Emerald Witch. “Discriininatingnyoung fairy-tale fans … discover [Narnia stories] without adultnhelp.”—NY Herald Tribune.nTHE HORSE AND HIS BOY A talking horse and a boy prince savenNarnia from invasion. “Children, surfeited on unimaginativentales of socially adjusted children learning socially usefulnprocesses, will welcome this story of kidnapped princes andnknights in armor and turreted castles.”—NY Times.nTHE MAGICUN’S NEPHEW. How Asian created Narnia and gaventhe gift of speech to its animals. “Top-drawer Lewis for anynreader from about ten up — and that definitely goes for thenwhole range of adult readers, too.”—Episcopal Church News.nTHE LAST BATTLE. Evil comes to Narnia, so Asian leads his peoplento a new paradise. “The great themes of creation, fall,nredemption and final consummation are all contained [in thenseven volumes], presented so vividly that child and adult equallynfind themselves caught up in the spell.”—A^y^(.l®y^c^w(S5^^ Use coupon to get this classic $39.95 set FREE v®w®jy=v®wsvnHow the Club WorksnEvery 4 weeks (13 times a year) you get a free copy of the Club Bulletin, whichnoffers you the Featured Selection plus a good choice of Alternates. Books onncurrent issues, religion, economics, Communism, politics, children’s books, etc.n— all of interest to conservatives. * If you want the Featured Selecdon, donnothing. It will come automatically. • If you don’t want the Featured Selection,nor you do want an Alternate, indicate your wishes on the handy card enclosednwith your Bulletin and return it by the deadline date. * The majority of Clubnbooks are offered at 20-50% discounts, plus a charge for shipping and handling.n* As soon as you buy and pay for 4 books at regular Club prices, yournmembership may be ended at any time, either by you or by the Club. * If younever receive a Featured Selection without having had 10 days to decide if younwant it, you may return it at Club expense for full credit. * Good service. Noncomputers! • The Club will offer regular Superbargains, mosdy at 70-95% discountsnplus shipping and handling. Superbargains do not count toward fulfiUingnyour Club obligation, but do enable you to buy fine books at giveaway prices.n• Only one membership per household,nCONSERVATIVE /If 11! BOOK CLUBn15 Oakland Avenue • Harrison, N.Y 10528nPlease accept my membership in the Club and send me FREE then7-volume $39.95 quality paperback set of The Chronicles of Narnianby C.S. Lewis. I agree to buy 4 additional books at regular Clubnprices over the next 2 years. I also agree to the Club rules spelled outnin this coupon. CCUL-30nName _^^_nAddressnnnCity _Sto?e_ -^Zip_n