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Women really are … differeiitnfrom meii, and the failure of some Social refothiersn, to recognize those facts can lead to disaster.”n•-^’Ashley MontagujiC/f/cc^o S«/;-7)>«e9: $15.95n2869 THE SECRET WAR IN CENTRALnAMERICA: Sandinisia Assault on Worid Order— ;nJohn Norton Moore. “Breaks through the doublentalk and exposes the true nature of Soviet-subsidizednaggression by Cuba and Nicaragua.”—ElliottnAbrams, A.sst. Secretary of State. “Most thoroughlyndocumented book on the subject … mandatorynreading.”-R. Bruce McColm, Organization ofnAmerican States. $17.95n2796 EDUCATING FOR DISASTER – ThomasnB. Smith. Ex-professor demonstrates how “peace”ngroups are taking over schools and churches.n”Brilliantly compressed … unique andnmd^wbk.”—Washington Times. $14.95n2810 THE MEDIA ELITE – 5. R. Lichter/SnRothman/L S. Lichter. 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