Is the family in Americanan outdated relic of the past?nIs the intact nuclear family now just a memory from days gone by … a vestigialnsocial form that was, at best, oversentimentalized and, at worst, a narrow prison,nforcing men, women, and children into stereotypical roles that stultified freedom and individuality?nIntroducing a monthly newsletternthat holds this truth tonbe self-evident: That the life ofnthe traditional family in AmericanIs worth all of the alternativenlife-styles combined.nNot a popular concept in 1987,nyou may say.nTrue. But, then. The RockfordnInstitute has never judged thenquality of an idea to be a matternof consensus.nThe fact Is, the intact, traditionalnfamily in America has itsnback to the wall. Yet mountingnevidence shows that men, women,nand children who live within thentraditional family structure arenhappier, better adjusted, morencapable of solving life’s problemsni:^nIs it time to move on to a broader range of alternative life-style choices:nincreasing numbers of families headed by single females . . . unmarried couplesnliving together … married couples choosing not to have children …nmarriages between people of the same gender… lesbian couples conceivingnand raising children through artificial insemination with the help of specialnfeminist-run sperm banks?nDo these changes usher in a new and better world in which the old-fashioned nuclearnfamily would be unfulfilling, unwelcome, and unnecessary?n^’T^^irbe^afliilyn’^mh^^nsVv> Vcn;TO^^’ntamil^’nThe Rockford Institute’s Center on the Family in America thinks not.nand taking advantage of itsnopportunities than those whonprefer “alternative life-styles.”nSomething must be done. We’vendecided to do it.nYou are invited to become anCharter Subscriber to a brandnnew monthly report. The Familynin America …nDr. Allan Carlson, outspokennpresident of The Rockford Institutenand director of its Center onnthe Family in America, believesnAmerica badly needs a forum ofnhealthy debate that will reexaminentraditional family values.nEnter The Family in America,nedited by Bryce Christensen, anformer editor of Chronicles: AnMagazine of American Culture.nHere’s just a suggestion of somena’nof the topics we’d like you — as anCharter Subscriber — to explorenwith us each month . . .n… Do parents have the rightnto decide what values their childrennwill be taught in school —ornmust they accept the values ofnthe educators, no matter what?n. . . Who bears the real cost ofneasy-come, easy-go, “no-fault”ndivorce? •n… If you believe abortion isnimmoral, should you have to payntaxes to provide police and firenprotection for an establishmentnthat commits immoral acts everynday?n. . . Why does so much taxnmoney go to support familiesnheaded by single females whilenchildless couples who want to pro­nvide a good home can’t find childrennto adopt?n. . .How did we ever arrive atnour “Catch 22” Social Securitynsystem that actually rewards peoplenwho avoid family life and penalizesncouples who bear the childrennthat will be needed to keepnthe system going?nThe Family in America willntry, each month, to influencenopinion leaders at all levels tonadopt a friendlier stance towardnthe traditional family … to reinforcenthe choices of those whonhave chosen the traditional familynstructure as a way of life . . .nto explain to the nation at largenwhy the family is so important tonour future.nCan we count on your support?nTO BECOME A CHARTER SUBSCRIBER, MAIL COUPONnOR DETACH AND MAIL ADJOINING CARD TODAY!nI • ‘ ‘”•nTHE FAMILY IN AMERICAnP.O. Box 416nMount Morris, lUinois 61054nD YES! Please enter my Charter Subscription to ThenFamily in America for 12 monthly Issues at justn$17.95.1 save $3.05 off the regular price of $21.00.nn Payment enclosed. Please send me my FREE copy of the 128-page book —nThe Family, America’s Hope.nD Bill me later — I understand I do not get a free copy of The Family, America’s Hopen(please print)nCity ZipnForeign orders add $6 per year, payable In U.S. funds only. Please allown4-6 weeks for delivery of your first issue.nnn