“For intellectual and spiritual supportn'(JAMILYnc/tmericas=nPipenand reinforcement, parents will want to readnTHE FAMILYnA M E R I C A ‘ S H O P En…it will lift your spirits and strengthen your determination to t’uliill the role you andnGod have undertaken together: that of being the best parents you can possibly be innspite of those who would destroy the foundation of Western civilization.”n’I’liis hook is di-sij^ru’cl to he ol iissisliinic to [Kirents,nICticlu’iN, counselor’s, ilen^^. le;,;isliitors, social serviceniij^eticy (H’iNonnel. iind othi-rN whose responsihilitii’sniiifect lliewell-heinj’oriiie tiUiiily.nI’.Miinenl spokesmen tor the tiiniily review thiprimaryntunctions ot the lamily. examine (.iicLimstancesnwhich inhil.>it those kinctioris, propose sorrri- actions torn( oirnterictin;4 antilamily iniliierrces. and corrsider sonrenot the ways in whiili reli,v>ion may more etlectivelnsiijjpor’t liie tamily.n• “The Anieriian tamily, arr limhattled instinrtion.” hynMichael Novak, airlhor and resident scholar’at thenAmerican I’inierprise Institirten• “‘rhe Kole ol’the l-‘anrily in Nirrturin,’,; the C!hild lornKesponsihic Adulthood,” hy Harold M. Voth. WAX.nsenior’psy( hiatrist and psychoanalyst at the Merirrin;^i’rnloundatiorin• “Ihe l-‘anriU