Books Your StudentsnCan UnderstandnInteracting with a broadnrange of academic disciplines,nhere is Christian scholarshipnat its best. Probe Booksnhave been developed bynProbe Ministries Internationalnas a means of counteringnthe humanistic emphasisnso prevalent on college andnuniversity campuses. Writtennby outstanding Christiannscholars in consultationnwith experts in the integrationnof faith and learningnat Probe Ministries, theynprovide an intellectual asnwell as a scriptural foundationnfor understanding.nProbe Books: scholarly;nrelevant, and inexpensive; tonbring to your students essentialninsights into the majornissues of the day.nI’rolH’ ISiKiks Ihiiv Ivrn (h-ieliiivil /)«n/’;i»/X” .^/»iis(j/i’s W(/Hx’i’Wi//iir/dfii/i’rrdiinI’ulililniHi //fxisi-n11K-nHistorynChristizin Taiih & HlstoricsdnUnderstsindingnBY RONALD H. NASHnChristianity claims to be grounded onncertain historical events. This book focusesnon the possibility of objectivity innhistory, particularly in reference to liberalnclaims in the “search for the historicalnJesus,” and the need tor a coherentnstandard of truth in the study of history.n$5.95/176 pages.nLiteraturenExistentiedism: ThenPhilosophy of Despair andnthe Quest for HopenBY C. STEPHEN EVANSnDiscusses Kieri^egaard, the father ofnexistentialism, and surveys existentialismnin the twentieth century to show the rootnof despair—alienation. The reader isnchallenged to examine how Christi2Lnitynaddresses the human dilemma and pointsnthe way from despair to hope.n$6.95/144 pages.nAnthropologynThe Leinguage GapnBY CLIFFORD WILSON ANDnDONALD MCKEONnAddresses the question whether there isna qualitative difference between humannlanguage and animal systems of communication.nThree theories accountingn* m-‘nfor the language gap are discussed andnan alternative is presented.n$6.95/208 pages.nLife SciencenThe Natured Limits tonBiologiczd ChangenBY RAYMOND G. BOHLIN ANDnLANE P. LESTERnEvolutionary theories of biological changenhave dominated the life sciences for overna century. The authors present evidencento show that the two current theories,nNeo-Darwinism and punctuated equilibrium,nare not without serious flaws. Anthird alternative, the idea that there arenlimits to biological change, is presentednas a reasoned and competing theory.n$6.95/208 pages.nOther AvedlablenTitlesnPsychologynThe Mysterious Matter of MindnBY ARTHUR C. CUSTANCEnPhilosophynMiracles and Modern ThoughtnBY NORMAN GEISLERnThe Roots of EvilnBY NORMAN GEISLERnReligionnRocks, Relics, and BiblicalnReliabilitynBY CLIFFORD A. WILSONn/ (Ji’ smi’V inlfnniiiiiiiii ci fit fjhitiin ^•Miinnitiium i pr>r(.-s u riiinZONDERVAN H^h/iu^Uimcni.iiK 11111 li.’i’l.-. I II-I.iki’Diiw ^L linriil K.iimN ^11 I’ruK.nnn