Now Available from University Press of AmericanThe Ugly Beautiful People:nEssays on Liberal Culturenhy Leopold TyrmandnBS5BBB!5BBnTHE UGLYnBEAUFULnPEOPLEnm^s^ssss^nESSAYS ONnLIBER/^ CULTUREnMBYMnLEOPOLD T/RMANDnThis collection of essays can easily be branded and condemned as belligerent andninflammatory. It certainly will be denounced by many as indulging in arbitraryngeneralizations. “I am repeatedly asked to explain what I mean by the term ‘LiberalnCulture/ ” writes Mr. Tyrmand. “The general impression is that whatever it meansnI do not like it. This is correct.”nBy this, Mr. Tyrmand makes clear that he voices his ideological sentiments—nsomething quite different from political feelings. Not research, comparative data ornscholarly approaches to fact and issue are focused on here, but cultural passions,nimaginative argumentation, literary convictions, emotional speculations, intellectualnaffections—in other words: those modes of persuasion through which politicsnand society become objects of higher and more sophisticated sensibilities.nBefore they became the domains of professionals, politics and the arts used tonserve as romantic arenas where independent minds fought and duelled in order tonrarify matters of culture, society, public affairs. Mr. Tyrmand obviously wishes tonrevive this tradition.nJanuary 1985,130 pagesnCloth, ISBN 0-8191-4086-4 $22.50nPaper, ISBN 0-8191-4143-7 $ &.75nUniversity Press of American4720 Boston WaynLanham, MD 20706nnnPostage and handlingn$1.25 for the first book,n504 for each additional bookn