cance of traditional narrationnand made storytelling utterlynhollow, now its tropes are fitnvehicles for liars like himselfnIn this collection of essays andnspeeches, Barth offers us some ofnhis nonfictional lies, though whatnthe distinction between fictionnand nonfiction is for a professionalnliar is difficult to say.nCertainly, Earth’s calls fornnationalizing major industries,nhis paeans to the campus madnessnof the 60’s, and all of hisnother “stock-liberal sentiments”n(as he calls them) would fitnnicely in some fantasy novel.nBarth did not have to tell us thatnhe dropped out of graduatenschool because he had littlen”ability for abstract thinking andnrigorous critical analysis” andnwas therefore “out of [his] intellectualndepth.” Yet he has nevernlet his intellectual limitationsnrestrain his ambitions. His aim asna novelist is to create a fictionalworldn”more orderly, meaningful,nbeautiful, and interestingnthan the one God turned out,”nand he announces that if he werenGod he would startle and befiiddlen”my theologians” with an”Boo!”nIf Barth can turn himself intongod on Friday, we hope he takesnthe weekend off. DnThat Old MagicnNicholas Von Hoffinan: OrganizednCrimes; Harper & Row;nNew York.nA boring book on a worn-outntheme (which has been exploitednto exhaustion by countlessnbooks and movies) ineptlynwritten by a singularly untalentednwriter. Ooops, thenwriter is one Von Hoftman, thenchic radical with a Germannpseudoaristocratic prefix, anfixture in “progressive” journalism—inna phrase: the leftistnMr. Right. DnTHEnIntroducingn’The Source’non the interaction of religion and society.nThe Religion & Society Report is anbrand new newsletter from The RockfordnInstitute’s New York Center on Religionn& Society.nIts purpose is bold and frankly controversial:nto reaffirm religion’s role in shapingnthe culture of our time — and, through thenculture, the ways we live together in publicnand private.nIntroductory otter — you save $6 to S16nEach monthly Issue will deal vigorously andnoutspokenly with ideas covering the fullnspectrum of religious conviction and debaten— from left to right, from fundamentalist tonliberal — and we invite you to subscribennow at special introductory rates.nOur introductory offer: subscribe at $18nfor one year — and save $6 off the regularn$24 subscription price. Subscribe tor twonyears — 24 issues for $32, and you’llnsave $16.nYou’ii get on-tiie-scene,n’inside’ informationnThe Report is edited by Richard JohnnNeuhaus, pastor, theologian, author, editor,nand one of the most respected figures on thenreligious scene today. Pastor Neuhausnbrings to this newsletter years of leadershipnin the renewal of religion and society.nLeading off each Issue will be a timelynanalysis, followed by a variety of reports onnmajor issues, events, trends, and personalitiesnin the sphere of religious, ethical,npolitical, and cultural interaction.nYou will read on-the-scene (and sometimesnbehind-the-scenes) accounts of conferences,nconvocations, and occasionalnconfrontations on the interface of religionnand society — giving you the ‘inside information’non controversial subjects andndevelopments.nnnREPORTnAbortion • The Arms Race • CapitalnPunishment • Genetic Engineering«nShifting Alliances Between Christians andnJews • Government Threats to ReligiousnFreedom • Euthanasia • Socialist Optionsn• Liberation Theology • Feminism and thenFamily • South Africa and Disinvestment •nThe Meanings of Virtue • Nuclear Powernand Nuclear War —nthese are just a few of the topics you cannexpect to find in Tlie Religion & SocietynReport.n’Special Reports’ bonus tor subscribersnAs an added bonus, you, as a subscriber willnreceive ‘Special Reports’ which will placeninto perspective the range of ideas andnarguments on a specific issue — to assistnyou in making your own informednjudgment.nNow being considered for early issues ofnthe Report: Can the pro-lite movementnmake inroads into the political left? Can then”religious new right” maintain its impact innpresidential politics?nSubscribe to ‘the source’nWith your help, The Rockford Institute’snNew York Center on Religion & Society —nand The Religion & Society Report — cannplay a pivotal part in a great renewal — anrenewal that advances both the integrity ofnreligion and the promise of Americanndemocracy. You are invited to subscribe tonThe Religion & Society Report — thenInclusive, timely and vigorously independentn’source’ on the interaction of religion andnsociety.nSend for your subscription today by mailingnus the reader reply card accompanying thisnadvertisement. Or write: The Religion &nSociety Report, P.O. Box 800, Rockford,nIllinois 61105.ni27nFebruary 1985n