Founded in 1955, SURVEY has established anreputation as a leading publication in its field.nSURVEYnA Journal of East & West StudiesnWinter 1932nVoSums 26 no t (114in£B.OO & WesJ studiesnCapitalism, Socialism and the StatenPart IInRichard AdamtaknGiuseppe ArenJeffrey W BarrettnNora Beloffn6ino BianconJulius GouldnPhilip i-fansonnAmy W. KnightnEdward RozeknMichael Sadykrewics;nLeonard SchapironKarel v,in WolferennAmong topics covered in SURVEY:n• Soviet Science and Technologyn• The Machinery of Corruption in thenSoviet Unionn• Nationalities and Nationalism in thenUSSRn• Capitalism, Socialism and the StatenAnnual Subscription: US $39 UK £17nSingle copies: US $11 UK £5nEditorial Office:nilford Housen133 Oxford StreetnLondon W1R 1TD, Great Britainn”Many publications are useful to persons writingnon public affairs. A few publications, likenSURVEY, are indispensable. It is among the bestnsources of information and analyses about thenthings that matter most to the West.”nGeorge F. Willn”SURVEY has no rivals in its field. It is an indispensablenjournal.”nSaul Bellown”SURVEY has always been indispensable, but atna time when illusions about the nature of thenCommunist world are once again rampant, it isnperhaps more necessary than ever before.”nNorman Podhoretzn”SURVEY is admirable both for its intellectualnquality and its moral fervour.”nEugene V. Rostown”I do not see how it is possible for anyone tonpretend to follow current international affairsnwithout reading SURVEY regularly.”nIrving Kristoln• Totalitarianism Reconsideredn• Poland: The Birth of “Solidarity”n• Poland Under Martial Lawn• After Brezhnev: the Problem ofnSuccessionnElsewhere £20nElsewhere £6nSubscription Office:n59 St. Martin’s LanenLondon WC2N 4JS, Great Britainn(Tel. 01-836-4194)nnn