fluence” deal. He scrupulously omitsnnoting that Uncle Joe gave a green lightnto the Greek revolution and backed outnonly after the announcement of thenTruman Doctrine: Stalin could not affordna confrontation with the U. S. So it isnat this point that Mr. Lens begins to lie.nHe adds that “Moscow has carefullynabided by the SALT II agreement,” thusn”there are times when Moscow’s word isnas good as gold,” but this is impossible tonverify since Moscow has rejected any fairnverification process, the reason whynSALT II is dead. Nowhere does he mentionnthat ours is an open society, wherenRussian and communist spies romp freelynthrough the countryside, which isnstudded with high technology and corporatenheadquarters full of classifiednblueprints. Nor does he admit that theirsnis a society in the iron vise of the secretnpolice, where a conversation with anforeigner about light bulbs may earn onena 10-year residence somewhere aroundnthe North Pole. Moreover, our societyngives its Sidney Lenses the right to reportnon everything, even if it serves thenKremlin in war and peace: any newly inventednweaponry can be revealed in thenpages of magazines just to gratify theneditors’ ideological itches.nThe festival of Mr. Lens’s lies is reallyninitiated, however, with his listing of o«rnabuses of Soviet trust. Here goes: we havenoverthrown Mossadegh in Iran, Arbenznin Guatemala, and Allende in Chile. Ofncourse, Mr. Lens is lying: we were just onnthe side of the political movements thatnrose up to shake off the radical politiciansnof dictatorial bent who allied themselvesnwith international communism, thenRussian totalitarian state, and its Cubannproxies. We supported those movementsn—some of which were popular and majoritariannin nature—with money, butn48inChronicles of Cultarenwe did not send tanks to bloodily suppressnany “liberationist” uprising offensivento our principles, as the Soviets did innCzechoslovakia, or the Cubans innEritrea. Yet the mendacity of Mr. Lensnknows no bounds: he accuses us ofntrampling the Russians’ innocent kindnessnand confidence in Korea and Vietnam,nwhere all treaties, promises, andnagreements were torn to shreds bynSoviet-trained, -inspired, and -armednhordes. It is now history, confirmed bynthe Chinese communists, that it wasntrustful, trustworthy, “scrupulously”ngentlemanly Stalin who personallynordered the hostilities in Korea and approvednthe Vietnamese Politbureau’snoriginal decisions of war. His word wasngood as gold. Mr. Lens reaches the peaknof hilarity in his prevarications when henwrites: “We have meddled in the internalnaffairs of Italy by subsidizing itsnChristian Democratic Party with millionsnof dollars.” All those anti-Marxistnscholars who have defected from Russia,nPoland, Hungary, or Czechoslovakianover the last quarter-century could informnMr. Lens that since the establishmentnof the Cominform immediatelynafter World War II, at least one percentnof the GNP of