Are You a CULTURALnConservative ?nIf so, you remember that conservatism has European roots that are far more profoundnthan the Chamber-of-Commerce “conservatism” prevalent in liberal America.nYou realize that conservatism Is fundamentally about religion and family, order andnvirtue, community and human decency. You intuitively sense that, in the end, thenglittering “survival of the fittest” philosophy of the Rugged Individualistsnis no more congenial to authentic culture than the alluring “do-yourown-thing”ncredo of the Liberationists.nYou are aware that there has always been a “traditionalist”ncurrent in America representing the stance of conservatives who’^nput a premium on Christian culture. You may even remember that /nin the mid-1960s, traditionalists rallied to produce a monthly ^^njournal of opinion—called Triumph—which, sadly, expired in ‘nthe mid-70s, a victim of the times and its own excesses.nWith the demise of Triumph, traditionalists have had no voicenamong the prestigious journals of ideas. But, happily, the NEWnOXFORD REVIEW has come along to remedy this situation.nWhile the New Yorf( Times has disapprovingly labeled us “ultraconservative,”nNational Review has lauded us as “first-rate.”nOur contributors include cultural conservatives of variousnshadings: Francis Canavan, Christopher Derrick, James K. Fitzpatrick,nJeffrey Hart, John H. Hallowell, Thomas Howard, JohnnLukacs, Russell Kirk, G.B. Tennyson, James J. Thompson Jr., andnS.L Varn^do.nWhy not raise your glass with us to the bannernof cultural conservatism and subscribentoday!nmonthly magazinen(Piease allow 2 to 8 weeks for delivery of first issue.)nSPECIAL DISCOUNT RATES FOR FIRST-TIME SUBSCRIBERSnn One-year subscription … $9 (reguiarly $14)nD One-year student or retired person’s sub…. $7n(reguiarly $12)nD Three-year subscription . . . $19 (regularly $36)nNAME (Piease print or type)nSTREET ADDRESSnn One-year Canadian or foreign subscription … $11n(reguiarly $17) (Payment must be drawn in U.S. funds)nD Sample copy … $3.50nMal