LIBERAL CULTUREnBackward, Christian SoldiersnAs reported by the NationalnCatholic Register, BishopnThomas F. Gumbleton, auxiliarynbishop of Detroit and presidentnof Pax Christi-USA, exhorted hisnaudience in Los Angeles on Novembern6,1981 to “surrender tonthe invader. Let yourself bendominated.”nWe would love to see him issuingnorders to Pope Urban II,nSaint Bernard de Clairvaux,nGodfrey of Bouillon, Saint Louisnand, later, one Miguel Cervantesnduring the battle of Lepanto.nPrincenThe title is the name of a rocknperformer of mixed Italian-nNegro parentage who performsnon stage wearing only a meagernstrip of fabric over his genitals.nHe has all the erotic appeal of andeodorized louse. He is now beingnfrantically promoted by thenentire liberal-cultural establishment—fromnthe New YorknTimes to Rolling Stone —as thenmost vivid threat to “the establishment.”nPrince sings:nSome people call me rudenI wish we all were nudenI wish there was no black or whitenI wish there were no rulesnWe feel confused. Which establishment.’nWe have alwaysnthought that both the New YorknTimes and Rolling Stone are thenestablishment. Haven’t theyntaught us, for the last two decades,nthat the wish to have nonrules is the noblest social morality,none that permits the theft ofn50inChronicles of Cultttrenthe Pentagon Papers and offersn12-year-old girls to rock stars forndefloratory activities.-‘nPrince’s philosophical programnand poetic brilliance makenthe ecstatic Chicago Tribunenprint Prince’s picture with thencaption: “Prince: Challengingnthe sexual and racial stereotypesnof today.” The editors of thatnfount of profundity do not explainnwhat is left that can benchallenged in America, or whatnstereotype hasn’t already beennpulverized. The worshipingnNew York Times News Servicensums up the phenomenon: “Innother words, for Prince, sexualnliberation is both a political programnand a religion.” The lastnword makes us remember thatnthose whom the gods want tondestroy . . .nNostalgic de la bouenAnne Tyler, a noted novelist,nwrites in The New Republic:nOn the cover of Neighborhood:nA State of Mind, fournchildren mug for the cameranbeneath a clotheslinenfull of underwear. All fournlook tough and happy andnimpudent. There is somethingnboth humorous andnfierce in the rausclemannstance that two of themnadopt. The underwearnhanging over them is riddlednwith holes, the wall behindnthem is cracked andnscabby, and the row housesnin the background haventacked-on porches and rottingnwindowsills; but this isnobviously not a scene ofndeprivation. On the contrary,nyou feel a little pangnof envy. You wouldn’t mindnstepping into the picturenyourself.nMessagenIPC Films is a company of Ms.nJane Fonda, ally of communistnHanoi, which specializes in messagenmovies like Coming Homenor The China Syndrome. Thenmessages are simple: socialismngood, anything that opposes itnbad; America corrupt, anyonenwho tries to vanquish her good;nradical causes lily-white, thosenwho disbelieve in them monsters.nIPC’s latest production is anmovie called Rollover which unmasksnand exposes corporate villainynin high finance. Of the artisticnand ideological principlenand methodology of IPC’s filmmaking,nthe movie’s producer,nMr. Bruce Gilbert, says:nMOVING?nWe’re trying to give thenaudience the sense of havingnthe veil lifted. We wantnto show how money-centernbanks operate, even thoughnwe’ve ignored or oversimplifiednsome things by dramaticnlicense.nWhat Mr. Gilbert is actuallynsaying is that he and the othernauthors of Rollover have indulgednin bald, insolent lying.nThey don’t give a damn whetherntheir movie equates with reality,nactuality, truth, correctness ofnfact. They call their lies “oversimplification”nor “dramatic license.”nBut they are not fraudulentnliars; they are creative artistsnwho “ignore” accuracy. By thenway, rumor has it that the “I”nin the name of their corporationnstands for “Indochina.” Theynprefer not to advertise it publicly.nOld allegiances never die—theyndon’t even fade away. DnChronicles of Culture will move with you…nsend the notice below with your new addressnto: The Rockford Instituten934 North Main StreetnRockford, Illinois 61103.nCHANGE OF ADDRESSnOld address;nNampnAHHrpssnr.ityn.Citaffi 7innNew mailing address:nNamfinAilfl roff SnCitynState- Zip.nChange effective as of.nnn