ttltje iartm0uttj iReuicuinP.O. Box 343nHanover, N.H. 03755nVery impressive.nA significant development.nThe Dartmouth Review.nNemo mc impmiE lacEHfiitn©1980 The Dvrlmoul/i Rtvitw All Rigkts Rtttnidnhave followed withn—Ronald Reaganninterest the trend ofn—George WillnThe Dartmouth Review is a vibrant, joyful, provocative challenge to thenregnant but brittle liberalism for which American colleges are renowned.nIt is serious, in the best sense of the word; it is lively, it has spirit, andnit has a considerable capacity to meditate its own weaknesses.n—Williani F. Buckley, Jr.nA sprightly, irreverent conservative weekly. —Patrick BuchanannThe Dartmouth Review conclusively demonstrates that alert and activenyoung minds are very much alive on our campuses. —William Simonn©lie lartmnutii ISeuteuin4u.n^’tma mt ttnpunc lactaaitnInside:n-Patrick Buchanannon Dartmouthn-Dartmouth BringsnBackROTC?n-Steve KroU.onn^ Pledge Raidsn-Rough WatersnFor Men’s CrewnWilliam SimonnSays: ReducenGovermnent,nCut Taxes,nAnd RestorenAcadenucnFreedomn—pages 6, 7nnnThe Dartmouth Review was founded a year ago toncombat the decadent liberalism that, in the sixties,ntook over the educational establishment.nThe Review is important not only in that it hasneffectively challenged the liberal monopoly in thenIvy League, but also in that it has established itselfnas an important subset of the Reagan coalition.nIn the last few weeks, The Review was reportednon in the New York Times, the Chronicle of HighernEducation, the Boston Sunday Globe, and the ChicagonTribune.nBut The Dartmouth Review is, above all, a tremendouslynexciting paper. We offer a zesty combinationnof news, columns (by William Buckley, JeffreynHart, and others), cartoons and witty asides.nYou can be a part of this important development.nAnd stay informed of the goings-on in the IvynLeague, heart of liberal territory.nSubscriptions to The Dartmouth Review are only $25 per year.nAll donations are tax deductible. Please make checks out to ThenDartmouth Review, at P.O. Box 343, Hanover, NH 03755.nOr call 603-643-4370 for more Information.n