THEnGOVERNMENTnAGAINSTnTHEnECONOMYn»y Geoi^ ReismannIntroduction by William E. SimonnThis is a powerfiil and convincing book, which explains step by step how ourngovernment is wrecking our econonjic system through policies of inflation andnprice controls—all the while placing the blame for the resulting chaos onnbusinessmen and using it as the pretext for grabbing still more power over theneconomic system.n•^Witten for the intelligent layman who may have no previous knowledge of,neconomic theory, this book contains a brilliantly clear exposition of the basic principlesnof a free market and can be read as an introductory text. It shows not onlynwhere government policy has gone wrong, but also how to restore the health of ourneconomic system for the benefit of all Americans. Included are sections on:n”The Reid Solution to InHation: the Gold Standard”n”Why There Are No Limits to Progress in a Free Economy”n”Why the Arab Oil Embargo Would Not Have Been a Threat to a Free Economy”n”The Function of Commodity Speculation”n”The Natural Gas Crisis ofl977″n”Price Controls as a Cause of War”n”The Destruction of the Utilities and the Other Regulated Industries”n”Inflation and the Illusion of High Profits”n”The Campaign Against the Profits of the Oil Companies”n”,How the U.S. Government, Not the OU Companies, Caused the Oil Shortage”n”The Case for the Immediate Repeal of Rent Controls”n”How Price Controls Actually Raise Prices”nFor those who want to understand what is really happening to our economy, andnwhy, this book is mandatory reading.nDOES WASHINGTON HATE AMERICA?nAn absurd question? You won’t think so after you read The Government Againstnthe Economy by Geoige Reisman, and leam:nHow the government is making your money worthless.nHow the government makes the oil and gasoline you buy as scarce and as expensivenas it can.nHow it gives the benefit of high oil prices to the OPEC cartel, while doingneverything possible to harass and punish the cartel’s competitors, the American oilncompanies.nHow the government has actually caused every aspect of the energy crisis, fromnwaiting lines at gas stations, to factory closings, to brownouts and blackouts.nIf you decide the book is not absolutely necessary to your business library, return itnin IS days for a full refund .nHere is what the commentators and reviewersnhave said about The GovernmentnAgainst the Economy:n”For anyone who wants to understand the destructivenessnof price controls, there is no substitutenfor Prof. Reisman’s book. Easily the mostnpowerful treatment to date.” —BARRON’Sn”Every commentator on current affairs ought tonread this book if he wants to talk sense.”—F.A.nHayek, Nobel Laureate in Economics for 1975n”This is one of the most powerful and convincingnbooks I know. Brilliantly clear. Lethal analyses. Anluminous introduction Jo economics.”—HenrynHazlitt, Economist, Author, former NEWSWEEKncolumnist and NEW YORK TIMES financialneditorn”Overwhelming. I don’t see how any believer inncontrols could read it and erui up still believing innthem.” —COMPETITIONn”A good concentrated course in ecoruymicsforthenintelligent non-economist.”n—CHRONICLES OF CULTUREn”It should not only be read, but memorized, bynevery member of Congress and the media.”n—NATIONAL REVIEWn”Will make a timeless and invaluable addition tonany reader’s library.”n—THE INTELLECTUAL ACTIVISTn”Provides a radically different understanding ofnthe energy crisis and housing shortages.” —nWilliam E. Simon, former Secretary of the Treasury,nAuthor of A TIME FOR TRUTHn”A lucid, well-written and thoughtful defense ofnfree-market principles.”n—THE AMERICAN SPECTATORn”Reisman’s analysis of price controls is hardhitting.nA book well worth reading.”n—THE FREEMANnThe Government Against the Economy isnavailable in bookstores at $12.95 or can benordered from The Rockford Institute, 934 NorthnMain Street, Rockford, Illinois 61103.nft AT YOUR BOOKSTORE OR USE THIS COUPON •nTo: The Rockford Instituten934 N. Main St., Rockford, IL 61103nYes, send me Government Against the Economy fornIS-day examination. My check or money order is enclosed.n($12.95 plus $1.03 postage & handling, $14.00 total.)nCharge my I iMasterchaine | |visanAccount Number _nNamenAddress-nCitynnn.Exp Date.nStaten.Zip.nEARLY BIRD BONUS!nFree widi each order as long as diensupply lasts. ACU Analysis, WhennOSHA Knocks at Your Door-nAdvice for You and Your Attorney.nAn action handbook packed withnchecklists and case citations. $1.00nvalue, FREE!n