In other words: They displayed somethingnthat could be called the mentalitynof canaille, which means that they believenthemselves immune to any fact,ntruth or logic, such as: 1) no one isnasking them to die, only to register; 2) ifnthey do fight, it won’t be for Exxon, butnfor their own well being, guitars, grants,nCokes, overabundance of clothing,nBaskin-Robbins ice cream, entertainment,njoints, movies, drugs, pornographicnmagazines and peep shows,nperennially full bellies, endless vacations,nunrestricted procrastination, sonthey may continue to wallow in cars,nbikes, stereos, have abortion privileges,nbest-in-the-world medical care, the unrestrictednright to yell at their teachersnand parents, to detest their governmentnand announce this disgust at each step,nand generally do whatever they want. If,nby any chance, the Russians did occupynPrinceton, all that would be gone forever.nAnd if they do not comprehend thenfact that they may express their viewnon what is worth dying for is what isnworth dying for—it indicates that theynare moral dwarfs of a quality that makesnthe rest of us wonder whether there’snany need for preserving them.n—An anonymous student during annantiwar demonstration on the Berkeleyncampus: “Hell no, I won’t go, certainlynnot before bombs drop on Californian…”nIn Other words: If the Princetonians displayedna canaille mentality which isnperfectly comfortable with living wellnwithout obligations, down payments ornlOU’s, the Berkeleyan has demonstratednan advanced moronicality which makesnus doubt whether it’s worthwhile havingnsuch students at all. In this instance,nthe onerous mental effort which itnwould take to inform him that whennbombs are falling it may be too late tonregister indicates that I.Q. may be anningredient missing from the studentnmind.n— Senator Edward Kennedy: “I do notnthink today that American policynshould depend on what we think thenSoviets may do. We should take actionsnon what the Soviets do.”nIn other words: If the Berkeley studentnrepresents the school of retarded thinking.nSenator Kennedy proposes to eliminatenthinking altogether. He advocatesnnot even the canaille mentality, but thencerebral equipment of an amoeba whichnreacts only to external stimuli. As leadershipnis Mr. Kennedy’s password, wencan rest assured that he’s perfectly ablento lead protozoans.nThe Superior Mind ofnMr. Jon Voight, Oscar WinnernIn Rolling Stone, we find an interviewnwith Mr. Jon Voight, the cinematicnidol of the American left. He declaresnhimself to be a feminist. The fascinatingncoherence of his opinions sheds somenlight on both Hollywood intellectualismnand why some Americans still feel unconvincednabout ERA promises:n”I think the world is becoming morenaware of the need to encourage thenfeminine and is beginning to see thenabsence of the feminine and hownbarren the world has become be-nThe Rockford Papers-Yol 5, No. 2, March 1980: “ThenCold War: A Report to the Presidential Candidate” by AlannJ.Levine.nChronicles of CulturenAvailable from the Rockford College Institute.nnncause of that absence . . . We shouldnall be a hundred percent behind thenERA. Period. Otherwise, we shouldnjust put the women in one countrynand the men in another country. Younknow what I mean . . . And thennthere are groups that are the morenreactionary groups—that are sayingnthat it means we have to share bathroomsnor something like that. I don’tnknow what the hell they mean.n[laughing] I don’t mind sharing anbathroom with a lady. It doesn’t scarenthe s~t out of me, you know what Inmean?nBetween Us, Leaders. . .nAsked whether Senator Kennedy’snsurplus of carnal activities may be anpresidential campaign issue, Ms. GlorianSteinem, the feminist conscience ofnManhattan, responded:n”Yes. The issue is whether or not henperceives women as equal and seriousnhuman beings. Nobody’s demandingnfidelity in marriage …”nSurrealismnWhat’s abstract in New York.’ NewnYork magazine’s political miniguru,nreporting on Ronald Reagan, makes itnlucidly transparent:n”His public anger . . . was usually directednat abstract targets—the Russians,nwelfare chiselers, student protesters,nredwood trees, Democrats;nan attack on anyone or anything morenspecific would be at variance with thencourtly image he so assiduously cultivated.”nYou’ve Come a Long Way, Baby . . .nHow a modern, liberated, self-consciousnAmerican woman sees an idealnman these days, according to a ChicagonTribune writer’s in-depth study:n”He gives you the feeling he’d entertainnyou for hours with scintillatingnconversation; and when he finally de-n