4 CommentnOpinions & Viewsn6 A Form of Magic, A Game of Enchantmentnand Deceptionn—Vladimir Nabokov: Speak, Memoryn8 The Sweet Melancholy of Civilizationn—Vladimir Nabokov: Ada or ArdornContentsnLeopold TyrmandnOtto J. ScottnMary Ellen Foxn9 Against the Bolshevik Nightmare andnthe Fraud of Revolution Paul Gottfriedn—Vladimir Nabokov: Invitation to a Beheading;nBend Sinistern11 Lolita Then and Now:nMatter-of-Fact Confession ofna Non-Penitentn— Vladimir Nabokov: Lolitan”Oh, How You Have to Cringenand Hide!”n—Vladimir Nabokov: Lolitan13 Sentimentality as Oppressionnand Deliverancen—Vladimir Nabokov: Pninn15 The Value of Art and Ordern— Vladimir Nabokov: Pale FirenCommendablesn16 Price’s Eloquence: With NixonnSayle’s Effort: Union DuesnThomas MolnarnDain A. TraftonnChristopher ManionnJohn Glass, Jr.nWaugh’s Obnoxious Wisdom: The Diaries of Evelyn WaughnGreeley’s Crusade: NeighborhoodnLongrigg’s Wistful Sigh: The English Squire and His Sportn17 Morrison’s Escapism: Song of SolomonnIn Focusn17 The Lost Temple of Delight Nancy Yanes-Hoffmann—Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Lettersn—Sylvia Plath: The Woman and the WorknFowles’ Accomplishment: Daniel MartinnChronicles of CulturenWaste of Moneyn18 Harrington’s Socialdemocracy Blues:nA Journey to the World’s PoornSnepp’s Fast Buck: Decent IntervalnHamiU’s Irish Schmalz: Flesh and Bloodn19 Kosinski’s “Cosmic Laughter”: Blind DatenSheehy’s Kaffee-Klatsch: Passagesn26 Shaw’s Self-Debasement: Beggarman, ThiefnStagen20 Mamet’s Toyingnwith RealismnNeil Thackaberryn-David Mamet: The WoodsnScreenn21 Simon’s Revenge and Spielberg’snFast-Paced BubblenEric Shapearon— The Goodbye Girln— Close Encounters of the Third KindnJournalismnChaplin’s Exitn23 The New York Tiwej” WeathermannRolling Stone’s Jubilee—Ten Yearsnof Cynical Innocencen24 Penthouse’s Respectability PitchnPolemics & Exchangesnnn24 On Percy’s Lancelot and the Literaturenof the South Edward J. Walshn26 Time’s Journalistic Fairnessn