4 Comment Leopold TyrmandnContentsnOpinions & Views In Focusn6 Those Dying Generations Stephen R. Maloneyn— Michael Herr: Dispatchesn8 A Very Special Every Mann—William Sloane Coffin, Jr.:nOnce to Every Mann11 Demolishing Taboos Thomas Molnarn—Maurice Clavel: Ce que je crois;nAndre Glucksmann: Les mattres-penseurs;nBernard-Henri Levy: La barbarie a visage humainn13 Intelligent Men UndernSelf-Hypnosis Edward J. Walshn—Daniel Schorr: Clearing the Airn15 A Novel as Manifesto, ornMe/« Kflw/)/Revisited Mary Ellen Foxn— Marilyn French: The Women’s Roomn17 A Crusade in Reverse Gear Alan J. Levinen—Daniel Yergin: Shattered Peacen19 Games of a Precocious Mind Paul Gottfriedn—Mitchell Ross;- Li^erar)/ PoliticiansnCommendablesn20 What Price Correct Thinking? Nancy Mohrbachern— Jim and Andrea Fordham: The Assaultnon the Sexesn21 Revel’s Plight: The Totalitarian TemptationnVon Mises Redivivus: On the Manipulation ofnMoney and Creditn22 In Defense of Moral Sensitivities:nEducation, Nihilistn, and SurvivalnErratumnIn the previous issue of Chronicles of Culture the Polemics &nExchanges feature, entitled “On Percy’s Lancelot and the Literaturenof the South,” was written by Mr. Edward J. Walsh, whose namenwas omitted due to an editorial error.nChronicles of CulturenDuncan Williams Waste of Moneyn22 Kafka’s Touch: Letters to Friends, Family, and EditorsnTl McGovern’s Self-Examination: Grassrootsn23 Gornick’s Machinations: The Romance ofnAmerican Communismn24 Kramnick’s Burke: The Rage of Edmund BurkenScreenn24 The Impossibility of Being Dispassionate Eric Shapearon— The Turning PointnJournalismn2 5 Chicago Tribune’s SemanticsnChicago Tribune Book World’s Sympathiesn26 Time’s Operational HypocrisynPolemics & Exchangesn26 On VietnamnnnVol. 1, No. 1, September 1977nThe Feminine Novel of the SeventiesnVol. 1, No. 2, November 1977nThe Literary Season of Venom andnMuddle in AmericanVol. 2, No. 1, January 1978nNabokov RememberednTyrmand: Comment; Scott on Speak, Memory; Fox onnAda; Gottfried on Invitation to a Beheading and BendnSinister; Molnar and Trafton on Lolita; Manion onnPnin; Glass on Pate Fire; Commendables; In Focus;nWaste of Money; Stage; Screen; Journalism; Polemicsn& Exchanges.n