4 Editor’s Comment Leopold TyrmandnLiberal Culturen7 The Chambers of a Communist Conscience—nThe Trib on Incest—Princeton TalesnOpinions & Viewsn8 La Ronde, or the Dance of Labels Paul Gottfriedn—Peter Steinfels: The Neoconservativesn10 Conventional Unconventionalityn& Obedient Rebellion Earl Hiltonn—John Barth: Lettersn12 The Vicissitudes of Effectnand Style Edward J. Walshn-Tom Wolfe: The Right Stuffn14 Political Literariness Dain A. Traftonn—V. S. Naipaul: A Bend in the Rivern—Kurt Vonnegut: Jailbirdn16 Lawful Killing in the BarbaricnPresent Clarence B. Carsonn— Stephen H. Gettinger: Sentenced to Dien18n21n24nSome Very Special Truthsn—Doris Grumbach: Chamber MusicnContentsnErich EichmannTimelessness and the Itch ofnModernism Christopher Manionn—James Hitchcock: Catholicism & ModernitynBetween Two Chairs and intonPhonylandn—Irwin Shaw: The Top of the HillnLev Navrozovn26 For the Intelligent Noneconomist William E. Cagen—George Reisman: The Government Againstnthe Economyn28 Co-opting the Beat Generation Gordon M. Pradln—Dennis McNally: Desolate Angeln30 Perfectly Awful Joseph Schwartzn—J. P. Donleavy: SchultznCommendablesn32 A Convincing Reglement des Comptes:nThe Ghost WriternMr. Dimitrov of Bulgaria:nDimitrov of BulgarianWaste of Moneyn32 The Sharks: The Brethren: Inside the Supreme CourtnChronicles of CulturenScreenn33 A Big Bang and Small Change Eric Shapearon—Apocalypse Nown—Starting Overn-10n— Yanksn—Le Cage aux FolksnMusicn35 Building Inspectors and Criticismnof Music Tom Bethelln—Andrew Porter: Music of Three Seasons:n1974-1977n36 Keeping Time with the CLU andnOther ThoughtsnCorrespondencen38 Letter from London: TheatrenThe American Prosceniumn40 Rock Music in Cincinnatin41 Polish JokenJournalismn41 The Lincoln Reviewn42 AntitoxinnPolemics & Exchangesn42 The ACLU and the ConservativenImpulsennnVol. 3, No. 5 September/October 1979nNormalcy—Our Sixth SensenVol. 3, No. 6 November/December 1979nTwo CulturesnDouglas A. RamseynFrancis DonahuenAllan C. BrownfeldnHenry L. Mason IIInTyrmand: Editor’s Comment; Navrozov on Styron (Sophie’s Choice);nTrafton on Snow (The Realisis); Schwartz on Amis (Jake’s Thing); Hitchcocknon Gans (Deciding What’s News); Klute on Pilon (Notes from thenOther Side of Night); Walsh on O’Brien (Going after Cacciato); Gottfriednon Gouldner and Mansfield (The Future of Intellectuals and the Rise ofnthe New Class, The Spirit of Liberalism); Scott on Rogge (Can CapitalismnSurtiive?); Levine on Hackett, et al. (The Third World War); Metzger onnTeller (Energy from Heaven and Earth); Gordon on Hessen (In Defensenof the Corporation); Commendables; In Focus; Waste of Money; Stage;nScreen; Music; Art; Correspondence; The American Proscenium; Journalism;nLiberal Culture.n