Vol. 6, No. 3 May/June 1982nThe Myth of the Sexual RevolutionnwmB^r-n. « •nj*^; _; •:n•-•’• • * < • – .nChronicles of Culture (ISSN 0163-1187) is published by The Rockford Institute, 934 North Main Street, Rockford, Illinoisn61103. President, John Howard. Editorial and business offices: (815) 964-5054. Editor: Leopold Tyrmand; PublishingnManager: Richard A. Vaughan; Assistant to the Editor: Becki Klute; Production Coordinator: Lindy Ellingwood; SubscriptionnManager: Anita Fedora. Printed by Wilson-Hall Co. Technical Services: Marge Wollschlager Composition. Subscriptions:n$6.00 one year.nCover: “Giovahe che Corteggia una Donna” by Gerard Terborch (c. 1617-1681); title page: “Uomo Nudo che Porta unnCadavere” by Luca Signorelli (1441-1523), both from the MacLeish Collection,The Rare Print Cabinet, Rockford CollegenLibrary. Copyright © 1982 by The Rockford Institute. All rights reserved.nnn:nMay/June 198Sn