Vol. 7, No. 4 April 1983nReligion, Psychology &nthe Modem SoulnChronicles of Culture (ISSN 0163-1187) is published monthly by The Rockford Institute; President: John Howard.nEditorial and business ofEces: 934 North Main Street, Roclrford, Illinois 61103. Phone: (815) 964-5054. Editor:nLeopold Tyrmand; Associate Editor: Gary S. Vasilash; Managing Editor: Rebecca Woosley; Editorial Intern: BrycenChristensen; Editorial Secretary: Julie Maloyan; Publisher: Richard A. Vaughan; Production Coordinator: Lindy EUingwood;nSubscription Manager: Anita Fedora. Printed by Wilson-Hall Co. Technical Services: Marge WoUschlagernComposition. Subscriptions: $18.00 one year.nCover: “Schizzi e Studi” by Giov. Battista Tiepolo (1693-1770), from the MacLeish Collection, The Rare PrintnCabinet, Rockford College Library. Original vignette by Warren Chappell. Graphic materials within the text fromnAdvertising Woodcuts From The Nineteenth-Century Stage selected and edited by Stanley Appelbaum (DovernPublications, 1977). Copyright © 1983 by The Rockford Institute. All rights reserved.nnnAprU1983n