4 Comment Edward J. LynchnOpinions & Viewsn6 Mindless Intelligence Samuel T. Francisn—-James Bamford: The Puzzle Palacen8 Media Magic: Victories into Defeats Robert Nisbetn—^Peter Braestrup: Big Storyn12 Dwarf as Giant Mary Ellen Foxn—Pablo Neruda: Passions and Impressionsn14 Rocking a Leaky Boat Daniel J. O’Neiln—^Robert Scheer: With Enough Shovelsn18 Pointless Performances and Other Exercises Robert F. Gearyn—^Marie RudisiU with James C. Simmons:nTruman Capoten—John Sack: Fingerprintn21 Pernicious Pink Passages Richard Petersn—^Enrique Rueda: The Homosexual Networkn24 Tinny Drum Rael Jean Isaac and Erich Isaacn—John le Carre: The Little Drummer Girln27 Our Singular Tribe of Ben Otto J. Scottn—^Ronald W. Clark: Benjamin Franklinn29 Strange Voices in America Gordon M. Pradln—^Dennis E, Baron: Grammar and Good Tasten—Robert Pattison: On Literacyn—^Stephen Arons: Compelling Beliefn32 Of Patriots & Patsies Clyde Wilsonn—John Chamberlain: A Z«/fe with the Printed Wordn—^WUliam Styron: This Quiet Dust and Other Writingsn35 The Moral Posture of Defense Fred Westn—Thomas G. Foxworth and Michael J. Laurence:nPassengersn—Loup Durand: The Angkor MassacrenCommendablesn38 Tender Transmutationn—A. G. Mojtabai: AutumnnIn Focusn38n39n40nImpolite Impressionsn—^WUliam B. Helmreich: The Things They SaynBehind Your BacknSouthern Frye’d Journalism: Race, Rock & ReligionnAesop in the Big kpple. Narcissa and Other FablesnThe Inevitability of Structural Decline: EverythingnYour Doctor Would Tell You If He Had the TimenThe Cartoon as Cultural Trace: IcebreakernWaste of Moneyn41 Soap Scumn—Jon Cleary: Spearfield’s DaughternChronicles of CulturenJoseph Schwartzn”Contents”nFrank WaltersnMichael JordannScreennNaked Trash: Minor Charactersn42 Less Than Zero Stephen Macaulayn—Monty Python’s The Meaning of Lifen—Doctor DetroitnPreterminal Filmmaking: The HungernArtn43 From France: The Work ofAtget, Masterpieces fromnthe Pompidou Centern4:4: Meanwhile, 216 Years Later: A HumumentnMusicn44 Good Old Phonography Doug RamseynCorrespondencen48 Letter from Washington: On Politics and Pulpits Thomas MolnarnThe American Prosceniumn49 Margaret Thatcher’s Trafalgar—^The Octopus andna Harvard ProfessornJournalismn50 Family JournalismnRights & PrivilegesnLiberal Culturen10 New Atlantisn17 Prisoners of Passionn22 The Quest for PeacennnVol. 7, No. 7July 1983nConservative Wisdom & Modem CulturenComment: Tyrraand; Hawkins on Bluestonc and Harrison; Hilgartner, Bell, andnO’Connor; and Williams (The Deindustrialization of America, Nukespeak, ThenState Against Stacks); Berman on Winnick (Letters of Archibald MacLeish);nSchwartz on DeLillo (The Names); Vasilash on Hohendahl (The Institution ofnCriticism); Caiazza on Stoddard and Galambos (Looking Forward, America atnMiddle Age); Sniegoski on Jordan (Crisis): Thome on Givner and Marianin(Catherine Anne Porter, William Carlos Williams); Clarke on Albert, Yourcenar,nWertmiiUer, and Cooper et al. (Matters of Chance, A Coin in Nine Hands, ThenHead of Alvise, Extended Outlooks); Fleming on McNeill and Childress (ThenPursuit of Power, Moral Responsibility in Conflicts); Mclnerny on Cheevernand Rice (The Cage, Cry to Heaven); London on Naisbitt (Megatrends);nCommendables; In Focus; Waste of Money; Screen; Music; Correspondence; ThenAmerican Proscenium; Polemics & Exchanges; Liberal Culture; Journalism.n