4 CommentnOpinions & ViewsnContentsn6 The Preaching Profiteern—John Kenneth Galbraith: The Age of Uncertaintyn8 Those Genial Murderersn—John Cheever: Falconern10 Three Maidens Soiled by an Epochn— Sara Davidson: Loose Change: Three Women of the Sixtiesn12 A Cautionary Tale for Adultsn—Walker Percy: Lancelotn14 The Thriving Virulence and Well-Heeled Deviationn— Gore Vidal: Matters of Fact and of Fiction: Essays 1973-1976n16 A Sad and Maladroit Fiestan—Morris Dickstein: The Gates of Eden: American Culture in the SixtiesnCommendablesn18 An Arsenal Stockpiled with Argumentsn— Paul Johnson: Enemies of SocietynBerger’s Good Sense: Facing Up To ModernitynTrilling’s Appeal: We Must March My Darlings: A Critical Decaden19 Burditt’s Happy Ending: The Cracker FactorynWhite’s Serene Talents: Essays of E.B. WhitenCaputo’s Probity: A Rumor Of WarnEidelberg’s Keen Insight: Beyond DetentenIn Focusn20 Le Carre’s Routine: The Honourable SchoolboynRoth’s Astute Narcissism: The Professor of DesirenWaste of Moneyn21 Coover’s Contumely: The Public BurningnRossner’s Jaded Freakishness: AttachmentsnRinger’s and Korda’s Snake Oil Peddling:nLooking Out For No. 1; Success!n22 Mitford’s British-Upper-Class-Twit Ego: A Fine Old ConflictnLeopold TyrmandnStephen R. MaloneynDain A. TraftonnMary Ellen FoxnJohn Glass, Jr.nOtto J. ScottnChristopher ManionnRobert NisbetnIn Vol. 1, No. 1, September 1977 ofnChronicles of Culture:nThe Feminine Novelnof the SeventiesnTyrmand: Comment; Trafton: “The Liberation of anFree Woman” (du Plessix Gray: Lovers and Tyrants);nScott: “The Piety of an Empty Heart” (Didion: A Booknof Common Prayer); Glass: “Fish Story” (Gould: AnSea-Change); Fox: “An Epitome of Junk” (Greene:nBlue Skies, No Candy); About the Chronicles of Culture;nAbout the Rockford College Institute.nFor a 115 annual fee, the Rockford College Institute is offering a new “Publications Membership.”nAll members will receive the three Institute publications; The Rockford Papers, Chronicles of Culture and annewsletter to be introduced this fall. All non-periodical publications will be included in the annual fee.nChronicles of Culturennn