Comment: The IngersoU Prize Winnersn4 Anthony Powelln5 Russell KirknOpinions & Viewsn6 Yeats: A Second Comingn—W. B. Yeats: The Poems; Edited by Richard J.nFinnerannRonald Bermann8 The Radical Virus James J. Thompson Jr.n—^Tom Schachtman: Decade of Shocks: Dallas tonWatergate, 1963-1974n-^Allen J. Matusow: The Unraveling of America AnHistory of Liberalism in the 1960’sn10 Reality by the Tail Stephen L. Tannern—^Luisa Valen2uela: TheLizard’s Tailn13 Wrangling with Words GaryS.VasUashn—^Denis Donoghue: The Arts Without Mysteryn17 De-Filed Charles A. Mosern—Penn Kimball; The Filen21 These Foolish Things Stephen J. Snlegoskin—Barbara W. Tuchman: The March of Folly: FromnTroy to Vietnamn—William L Shirer: 20th Centuryjoumey: A Mem -noir of a Life and the Timesn24 Curious Behavior Richard Petersn—Jerome Bruner: In Search of Mind: Essays innAutobiographynConunendablesn26 A Dangerous Cassic: Ideas Have ConsequencesnIdeological Body Count: The War Everyone Lost—nAnd WonnFighting the Media Moguls: Media Mischief andnMisdeedsn27 OiPuerilePedaffigy.Ihe Dilemma ofEducation in anDemocracynIn Focusn28 Journey to Nowhere: A’erreZortnVenusberg on the Yisxdsan-.Religion and Sexualityn29 Historical Hypocrisy: 75beify^70cnyyo//MS?fceOTftenBelleEpoquenPerceptiblesnWaste of Moneyn30 Media MIA’s: Vietnam Reconsidered; TheLong WarnPower to the Professors: TryingFreedomnChronicles of CulturenContents”nScreenn34 SeeingRed:RedDaumnTilt: Koyaanisqatsin35 The Age of Responsibility: Indiana Jones and thenTemple of DoomnThe American Prosceniumn35 Politics and Prayern36 Fame: I’m Going to live Forevern37 Center for Christian StudiesnJournalismn37 From Russia with LovenNotablesn16 PureDriveLPwreZMSfn22 Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered: The WitchesnofEastwickn33 BeingPotent:7?>eBoofeCtesn39 Density: Sebastian or Ruling PassionsnConfluencesn9 From Dewey to Huey: A Hmeo/Pass/’OMn12 Pathetic Comedy: The Gods, the Little Guys and thenPolicenLiberal Culturen18… And Now Something Completely Differentn20 The Feminist Inquisitionn38 liberal CulturenIn the Mail/7,19nnnVOL 8, NO. 11 November 1984nThe ElectionnC. P. DragashnStephen MacaulaynComment: Tyrmand; Hawkins on Carnoy, Siiearer, Rumberger, Comueile (A New SocialnContract, HealingAmerica); Peteis on Pack, Blasi (Edward Bennett Williams for the DefensenThe Burger Court); Woife on Spalding, Monson (Vanessa Bell, Alma Mahler); Schwartz onnHunt (John Cheever); Gottiried on Cooper, Gardner (The Warrior and the Priest, A Covenantnivith Power); Barilleaux on Leuchtenburg, Galbraith (In the Shadow of FDR, The Anatomy ofnPower), Caiazza on Ambrose (Eisenhoiver, Volume One); Commendabies; In Focus; Waste ofniMoney; Screen; Music; The American Proscenium; Journalism; Notables; Confluences; LiberalnCulture.n