CHRONICLES OFnCULTUREnVol. 8, No. 4 April 1984nTo See the World and MannChronicles of Culture (ISSN 0l63-1187)is published monthly by The Rockford Institute; President John Howard. Editorialnand business offices: 934 North Main Street, Rockford, Illinois 61103. Editorial phone: (815) 964-5054. Circulation phone:n(815) 964-5813. Editor: Leopold Tyrmand; Associate Editor; Gary S. Vasilash; Assistant Editor: Bryce Christensen; Copy Editor:nKathleen Waite; Editorial Secretary: LeAnn Manning; Publisher: Richard Vaughan; Production: Lindy Ellingwood and BarbaranDe Witz; Composition Manner: Anita Fedora. Technical Services: Marge Wollschlager Composition Subscriptions: 118.00none year.nCover: original vignette by Warren Ch^jpelL Page 3: “Studi Per Soffitto Di Chiesa,” by Cherubino Alberti (1553-1615), fromnthe MacLeish Collection, The Rare Print Cabinet, Rockford College Library. Graphic materials within the text bom HistoricnCostume In Pictures by Braun & Schneider (New York: Dover Publications, 1975 ) and The Illustrator’s Handbook by HaroldnH. Hart (NewYork: Hart Publishing Co., 1978). Copyright© 1984 by The Rockford Institute. AU rights reserved. DnnnApril 1984n