4 Comment J. K. ZawodnynOpinions & Mewsn6 Selling the Rope… and Moren—Joseph Finder: Red Carpetn8 Tending the Abused Gardenn—^Max Hayward: Writers inRussta; 1917-1978nHenry L Mason ninCharles A. Mosern11 Pop Biography Ronald Bermann—Gilbert A. Harrison: The Enthusiast: A Life ofnThornton Wildern13 OfWomen and Wanderlust Bryce Christensenn—^Elizabeth Arthur: Beyond the Mountainn—^Blanche d’Alpuget: TurtleBeachn—Janet Turner Hospital: The Ivory Stvingn16 The Reaper with Steel-Rimmed Glasses T.MarkKuUshn—Arnold Beichman and Mikhail S. Bemstam:nAndropov: New Challenge to the Westn—^Vladimir Solovyov and Elena Klepikova: YurinAndropov: A Secret Passage into theKremlinn20 Ideological Time Twisting E. Christian Kopffn—John Arden: Vox Pop: Last Days of the RomannRepublicn22 Down Home—& Out to Lunchn—James Wilcox: Modem Baptistsn—]oan.WMams: Pariah and Other Storiesn”Contents’nFred WestnCoflunendablesn24 Be True to Your School Carlisle G. Packardn—Ernest L. Boyer: High School: A Report onnSecondary Education inAmericanStraight Talk: Double Crossingn25 Of Doughnuts and Decadence:/oAw Stuart Millnand the Pursuit of VirtuenSeasonable Sanity: Real Peacen26 AflSrming America: Believing in AmericanOf Marriage and Monticello: The Pursuit of Happiness:nFamily and Values injefferson’s VirginianIn Focusn27 PHooidndkwTy: Edmund Wilson’s AmericanMirror, Mirror: The Two of UsnWriting at the ^m. Decisionn28 Beneficent Bondage: ThePrincess of SiberianPerceptiblesnWaste of Moneyn29 Spent Fireworksn—Allen “Wier: Departing as AirnReader Abuse: Endless RapturenChronicles of CulturenDennis R. Perryn30 Suspicious Silence: The AlliancenJejune Jihad: Conflicts in ConsciousnessnSoothing the S3y3%es:KathyBoudin and theDancenofDeathnScreenn33 Slime After Slimen—StarSOnSense & Sensibility: Broadway Danny Rosen34 Sinking: 5/>te&nMusicnSwan Song: The DressernDaydreams & Reflections: Fanwy and Alexandern35 Tumbling Down Memory Lane: Fear fry Fear m*benRockEran36 PerformancesnArtn36 From the Heartland—& the HeartnThe American Prosceniumn37 Red RainbownJournalismn38 Neo-CamelotnMovie Madnessn39 A Prudent ProgressivenNotablesn7,19,23,35>38nConfluencesn9 Dostoevsky’s DaringnUberal Culture/13,21nnnVol.8,No.6Junel984nDecadencenStephen MacaulaynGary S. VasilashnComment: Neuhaus; Geary on King (PetSematary); Molnar on GSY(Education oftheSenses);nAshton on Fallon, Srodes, Drew (Dream Maker, Politics and Money); O’Neil on Jacoby,nMcGinniss (WiUtJustice, Fatal Vision); Momsey on Prager, Telushkin (Wby thejews’); Scottnon Larscn, Hagtvet, Myklebust, Hamilton (Who Were the Fascists, Who Voted for Hitler?);nHoeveler on Schaeffer (TheMadness ofaSeduced Woman); Commendables; In Focus; Wastenof Money; Screen; Music; Correspondence; Tlie American Prx)scenium;Joumalism; Notables;nLiberal Culture; Fleeting Truths.n