Contentsn4 Comment Ronald Berman 30 Charm & Epoch: Gary Grant: A CelebrationnOpinions & Viewsn6 OfPatriots and Praisen—-James Webb:A Country Such as Thisn10 A Poet of Passionn—^Peter Alexander: Roy Campbell: AnCritical BiographynBryce ChristensennGregory Wolfen13 Ideology & RealismnWilliam R Hawkinsn—^Irving Kristol: Reflections of a Neoconservativen17 Doing Less with More Gordon M. Pradln—^Barbara Matusow: The Evening Stars: The Makingnof the Network News Anchorn19 The FUght of Kiwisn—Paul C. ^Vigei: Descent from Glory: FournGenerations of thejohn Adams Familyn20 Labyrinthine Puzzlesn—Jerold S. Auerbach:/i«ftce Without Law?n—^Eugene B. Goodman: AW the Justice I CouldnAffordn—^Leo Janos: Crime of Passionn—-James B. Stewart: The PartnersnClyde WilsonnT. Mark Kulishn22 Misunderstanding Criticism Marion Montgomeryn—Cleanth Brooks: William Faulkner: FirstnEncountersn—The Presence of Grace and Other Book ReviewsnbyFlannery O’Connor: Edited by CarternW. MartinnConunendablesn25 The Name Game: 5ass«/rflsnWorking-Class Wisdom: Truth ImaginednIn Focusn25 Criminal Matters: The Case of the Revolutionist’snDaughter: Sherlock Holmes Meets Karl MarxnNeoned Sound: The Maximus Poemsn27 PerceptiblesnWaste of Moneyn27 Dubious Fraternizingn—In Praise of What Persists- Edited by Stephen Bergn28 Subtle Sirenfor the Soviets-.Nuclear War in the 1980’s?nScreenn29 Falling Action Stephen MacaulaynNyet—or Nope: Gorky ParknChronicles of CulturenMusicn30 Satchmo Swings Doug Ramseyn—James Lincoln Collier: Louis Armstrong: AnnAmerican GeniusnArtn32 Public, Political & Private: How New York Stolenthe Idea of Modern Art: Abstract Expressionism,nFreedom, and the Cold War; AboutRothko.nPolemics & Exchangesn34 On Self-Realizationn35 Mr. Hayward RepliesnThe American Prosceniumn36 The Center on Religion and SocietynSemifinalsnReagan’s LotnJournalismn37 Herding Readersn38 Harper’sKedcvivasn39 VKkmsGauchismenNotablesn5 The Lyricism of Nil: Overnight to Distant CitiesnLiberal Culturen11 ERA at Workn3 5 The Pied Five-fers of MondalenFleeting Truths/5,33nnnVol.8,No.4AprU1984nTo See the World and MannB.J.BryantnComment: Burnliam; Congdon on Wyden (The Passionate War); Ashton on Farrell (SamnHolman); Moser on Avins; Akhmatova (Bonier Crossings, Poems); Christensen on Packard,nMeyers, Lakin (Our Endangered Children, Who Will Take the Children?); Vasilash onnFeigenbaum, McCorduck, Bumham (The Fifth Generation, The Rise of the Computer State);nDickinson on Lipset, Schneider (The Confidence Gap); Sniegoski on Bradley, Blair (AnGeneral’s Life); Commendables; In Focus; Perceptibles; Waste of Money; Screen; Music; Art;nThe American Proscenium; Joumahsm; Notables; Fleetmg Truths; Liberal Culture.n