4 Comment Robert C. SteensmanOpinions & Viewsn6 Red Hot Harlequin Romances Brian Murra}-n—Alice Walker: /n Search ofOurMothers’ Gardensn8 Accidents & Ignorance Samuel T. Francisn—A.J. ?.lzyoT: A Personal Historyn10 Finer Feet of Clay Xill Morriscyn—Bernard Malamud: The Stories of BernardnMalamudn—Isaac Ba.she’is Singer; The Penitentn14 Little Brother & Kid Sister Edw:ird J. Lynchn—Caroline Bird; The Good Years: Your Life in thenTiventy-First Centuiyn—Richard l.oux: America IIn17 Basking in the Afterglow Stephen]. Sniegoskin—Richard MsLyne: Postivai’: The Dawn of Today’snEuropen19 Playing by Perverted Rules Daniel Dickinsonn—Lobbying for Freedom in the 1980’s: A Grass-nRoots Guide to Protecting Your Rights: Editednby Kenneth P. Norwickn—Susan J. Tolchin and Martin Tolcbin: DismantlingnAmerica: TheRush toDeregulaten23 The Joy of Cents Mark G. Michaelsenn—Keith Bradley and Alan Gelb; Wcyrker Capitalism:nThe Neiv Industrial Relationsn—Leonard M. Greene; Free Enterprise WithoutnPovertyn—^Wynne Godley and Francis Cripps:nMacroeconomicsnCommendablesn25 Of Isms and Idolatry; The Economic System ofnFree EnterprisenFrankly Speaking; The Commissar’s ReportnA Book of Warnings; ‘The Profession of ArmsnIn Focusn25 Of Careers, Criminals, and Creative Writers; AnnAmateur Laborer; The Devil’s Stockingn26 Word Processors; Vectors and SmocjthablenCurves; Standing by Words; The CollectednProse; La Place de la Concorde Suissen28 PerceptiblesnWaste of Moneyn29 Frustration; Mysteries ofWinterthurnnDirty-Scalpel Politics; Gender Gapn£a^ ^K^BjUnjJBoMmimSSpHlSBW/I^BS^^^K^^ml^^KnChronicles of CulturenContents”n30 X”ho Cares-‘: ‘iK’hatMen Don’t Tell Womenn31 Puppets for Propagandists; War of TitansnScreenn32 Zoology; Grej’stoZ-‘en34 What Price Integrity?; Hollyivood Films of thenSeventiesnArtn35 Fluff; Tracking the MarvelousnMusicn36 A Family AffairnJournalismn36 Ideology as Prognosisn37 The TrialnThe American Prosceniumn37 RepresentationnHearing Aids Neededn38 The Ostrich Chicn39 A Prudent ProgressivenNotablesn16 Building;/7/7W With His Foot in His Mouth andnOther Storiesn22 Two Cultures; 20th Century CulturenLiberal Culturen5 The End Nears . . .nIn the Mail, 7/18/34nFleeting Truths, 34nnn’ol. S, .N’O. 8 .Migust 1984nOur PluraiismnStephen Macaula-nComniL-nt: Carlson; iTancis on Isaac, !s:iac f’f/je Coeirit’e Utopkiijs): Fleming on B;irzun IAnStroll with WtlUa!}^ Jcttn fsj; tr’inche\ on Rolh.Auchinclnt^slThe Anatomy l-sst;rm. Exit LadynMmbamj: Vasilash on Johnson IDasbit’ll Hammcttj- Scou on Caule (Uniier th(^ Skin).nHa^vard on 1 lorowiLz, ‘L-)e-/-[bancz (Honor ami the American Dream, Bonil’; of MutualnTrustj: L(;’ine on Mcanshcimcr, Br