Animals and “Other Awkward Cases” 17n—Bernard E. Rollin: Animal Rights and Human Moralityn—Mary Midgley: Animals and Why They MatternIf animals are moving up on the Great Chain of Being, wherendoes this leave the older minorities—Blacks, women, the aged?nby Jay MechlingnVIEWSnRights of the Wild and Tame 20nThe Bible lends support to a vision of cosmic democracy innwhich other species are our fellow citizens.nby Stephen R. L. ClarknDo Animals Have Rights? 24nBefore reading Fido his Miranda rights for biting the neighbor’sncat, we need to remember what separates animals from humans.nby Tibor R. MachannVITAL SIGNSnARTnGeorge Stubbs: More Than Horses by Shehbaz H. SafraninSCREENnPoof!—It Disappears: Ladyhawke by Stephen MacaulaynCORRESPONDENCEnLetter From the Lower Right: Taxing Matters by John Shelton Reed 34nCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSnWhat with pollsters discovering a culturally debased America 3 5nand playwrights attacking a distorted one, it’s no wonder thatnpoetry has taken refuge in North Dakota.nPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESnA Brief Encounter With Bigotry by W. Cleon Skousen 37nTYPEFACESn”A Scientific Faith’s Absurd” 38n32n34nnnBOOKSHELVESnCOMMENDABLESnNightfall for Liberalism?: 26nEnglish-Speaking Justicenby Richard John NeuhausnDaring Moderation: The Politicsnof Heaven and Hell: ChristiannThemes from Classical,nMedieval, and ModemnPolitical Philosophynby Steven HaywardnMocking the Booboisie: H. L. 27nMencken and the Debunkersnby Brian MurraynIN FOCUSnRed Sunset: Defiance: An 28nAmerican Novelnby Clyde WilsonnGood Beginnings: Praying Wrongnby William C. RicenEye-Openers: The Innocent Eye: 29nOn Modern Literature andnthe Arts by Sandra SidernGrendel Redivivus: Beowulf: AnVerse Translation WithnTreasures of the Ancient Northnby E. Christian KopffnModern Mobs: Crowds & Power 30nby Richard A. CoopernThe Politics of Gullibility: LeninnLives! by Gary S. VasilashnA Fighter & An Oiler: Publisher:nGene Pulliam, Last of thenNewspaper Titans; Dirksen ofnIllinois: Senatorial StatesmannDEPARTMENTSnFOREWORDnThe Natural MannREVISIONSnThe Scenery of Solipsism: ThenRe-Creation of Landscape: AnStudy of Wordsworth, ColeridgenConstable, and TurnernArt Unknown: The Shaping ofnMan: Philosophical Aspects ofnSociobiologynLIBERAL ARTSnTag Team at the MLAnMan’s Inhumanityn36n37n39nBOOKS IN BRIEF 16, 18, 26nAUGUST 1985/3n