Genes & Jingo 15n—Richard Dawkins: The Extended Phenotypen—R. C. Lewontin, Steven Rose, and Leon J. Kamin: Not in OurnGenes: Biology, Ideology, and Human NaturenMore twisted than the strands of DNA are the arguments that leftleaningnscientists employ when they try to discredit sociobiology.nby Thomas FlemingnVIEWSnEuropean Anti-Americanism: Nothing New on the 20nWestern FrontnThe European mind—iced over by the freeze movement—reflectsndistorted images of the United States and the Soviet Union.nby Paul HollandernVITAL SIGNSnSCREENnA Film Vacuum: Falling in Love by Stephen Macaulay 30nMacho Machines and Female Role Models: The Terminator bynE. Christian KopffnInventing the News: The Killing Fields by Herbert London 32nHumor and Intelligence: Comfort and JoynAMERICAN PROSCENIUMnThe New Republic and Call to Glory play games with American 34nhistory, while Richard Brautigan and Cleanth Brooks find differentnplaces in the literary pantheon.nTYPEFACESnPulpits and the Press 36nJournalists shift their position on religious activism—inscrutable as thenturns of a Tibetan prayer wheel, predictable as a rigged game ofnroulette.nPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESnOn Seeing Red by Roy TrabandnMr. Dragash Repliesn37nnnBOOKSHELVESnCOMMENDABLESnSchools for Scandal: Why Are 24nThey Lying to Our Children?nby Alan J. LevinenMother of Her Country: /, 25nMartha AdamsnTroubled Sleep: Frankenstein:nOr, the Modern PrometheusnLast Rites: Purity and Danger:nAn Analysis of the Concepts ofnPollution and TaboonIN FOCUSnSay a Litde Prayer: 26nReconstructing Americanby Steven HaywardnEmbattled Preacher: Falwell, 27nBefore the MillenniumnMedia Quislings: Target America: 28nThe Influence of CommunistnPropaganda on U.S. MedianGod and Man at Hillsdale: ThenChristian Vision: Man innSocietynWASTE OF MONEYnDuo-Tone: Infante’s Inferno by 28nGary S. VasilashnMarketing 101: The Japanese: 29nEveryday Life in the Empirenof the Rising SunnCanonizing Eleanor: EleanornRoosevelt: A Personal andnPublic LifenReinventing the Universe:nPhilosophy and Science FictionnDEPARTMENTSnREVISIONSnIndigestion: Eating TogethernThe Wild (and Tranquil) West:nGunfighters, Highwaymen &nVigilantesnSoeinian Socialism: The Politicsnat God’s FuneralnLIBERAL ARTSnSchool of Hard KnocksnSoul of ModerationnCurse the DarknessnIN THE MAILnA PRUDENTnPROGRESSIVEn14n33n35n18n26n27n8n39nMARCH 1985/3n