Time and the Cross 19n—George A. Kennedy: h^ew Testament Interpretation ThroughnRhetorical Criticismn— Ramsay MacMullen: Christianizing the Roman EmpirenThe truths of Chrishanity will endure “world without end,”nbut biblical scholars and church historians still need to checkntheir calendars.nby J. Enoch PowellnVIEWSnSolzhenitsyn and Democracy 22nSolzhenitsyn has frequently been attacked as “antidemocratic.”nAnother interpretadon of his own words would clear him of • ,nthe charge and put the accusers in the docket.nby Edward E. Ericson jr.nRussia’s Bloody Gold 28nThe Nazis would have marveled at the efficiency with whichnSoviet leaders (and American collaborators) coaxed gold out ofntheir huge mines by filling them with bodies.nby Wladyslaw Jx)hn CieslewicznCORRESPONDENCEnLetter From Washington by William L. ArmstrongnLetter From the Lower Right by John Shelton ReednCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSnPornography, homosexuality, and grief all used to be private 42naffairs—that is until Federal judges, the national media, universitynadministrators, and Bill Buckley started looking into thenclosets.nTYPEFACESnBlack and White—and Red All Over 44nThe technolog)’ of Soviet magazines is yesterday’s papers, butntheir version of events in Afghanistan or Poland is newer thanntomorrow.nVITAL SIGNSnARTnThe Celebration of Chagall by Shehbaz H. Safraninnn40n41n45nBOOKSHELVESnCOMMENDABLESnBehind the Pogonias: BriannMurray on Frost: A LiterarynLife ReconsiderednA Vibrant Voice: Jane Greer onnStevie Smith: A SelectionnThey Were the World: GarynJason on Execution bynHunger: The HiddennHolocaustnIN FOCUSnThe “News” From Moscow:nHenry Mason onnDezinforma tsia—ActivenMeasures m Soviet StrategynSamizdat Philistine: AndreinNavrozov on MetronDead Cows & ManglednTranslations: E. ChristiannKopff on Two Winters andnThree SummersnStray Nuts & Bolts: Peter Katopesnon Machine DreamsnThe Cult of Personality: Gary S.nVasilash on The Grain of thenVoice: Interviews 1962-1980;nThe Responsibility of Forms:nCritical Essays on Music, Art,nand RepresentationnPassage Back From India: BetsynClarke on In Search of Lovenand BeautynDEPARTMENTSnREVISIONSn34n36n38nDefending America: In Love and 11nWarnRights for the Left: The Politics of 16nthe American Civil LibertiesnUnionnLIBERAL ARTSn39nNot a Prayer 46nBOOKS IN BRIEF 12, 39nAMERICANA 38nNovember 198SI3n