(I ^L^If PRICE S^IvE |n’^’ — wve pay postage ‘ ^nRaising funds for America’s only prime time Catholic radio program hasn’t been easy: Catholic newspapersnignore us. But the hosts of “Where Catholics Meet,” Dr. William Marra and Fr. Vincent Miceli, have donentheir part to spread the Faith to all parts of the nation. Can we enlist your help? Although we won’t make anprofit on this special sale of books, we can put you on our bookbuyer list for further mailings. And maybenyou’ll consider checking the box in the coupon below and sending Drama of Truth an extra donation — tonhelp us spread the Faith. Thank you.nBest price anywhere on books by Fr. Vincent Miceli, James Hitchcock, othersnThe Devastated Vineyard, by Dietrich vonnHildebrand. Exposes the roots of the Church’s declinenin language the average reader can follow. Retail:n$12.50/ Your price: $6.25.nThe Antichrist, by Fr. Vincent Miceli. Answers to allnthe questions you have about the end times and thenman of evil. Retail: $11.95/ Your price: $5.97.nThe Gods of Atheism, by Fr. Miceli. What donmodernist Christians and atheists have in common?n• Plenty, explains the author. Foreword by John CardinalnWright. “As complete book on atheism as exists innany language,” said Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Retail:n$12.95/ Your price: $6.47.nVfears of Crisis, by James Hitchcock. Collected essaysnby a premier social critic. Anyone serious about followingnthe Church in America must read Hitchcock. Retail:n$19.95/ Your price: $9.97. Hardcover, 285 pages.nJesus Christ before He Became a Superstar, bynJames K. Fitzpatrick. Back to the words of Christ tonanswer the updaters who seek to disfigure Him (andnthe Church). Retail: $11.95/ Your price: $5.97.nThe Third Day, by Arnold Lunn. “Christian apologistsnare too apologetic,” complains the great British convert.nHe shows us how to go on the offensive. Retail:n$11.95/ Your price: $5.97.nNot Alone, by Mary Lewis Coakley. Living a widowednlife the way a Christian should. Retail: $9.95/ Yournprice: $4.97 — autographed by the best-selling biographernof Lawrence Welk.nPilgrimage of Peace — the Vatican-authorized accountn(in 63 full-color photos and 74 papal speeches)nof John Paul IPs journey to Ireland and the U.S. Retail:n$17.50/ Your price: $8.75. Over-sized hardcover.nMake your check payable tonDRAMA OF TRUTH • Box 255 • Harrison, N.Y. 10528nI enclose an extra donation to help keep “Where Catholics Meet” on the air. 1 wffl receive annewsletter regularly keeping me posted on your progress. My donation aitiount is $nPlease send me the tides listed hSsm postage-free. I enclose a check payable to Drama ofnTrudi.nTitle Quantity PricenNAME.nADDRESSnCITY .STATE. _ZIP_nnnTot:$n