Haunted by Yesterdayn—The Summoning by Robert TowersnAn uprooted Southerner tells irreverent jokes about stuffingnFaulkner’s corpse, while his publisher does some literary gravenrobbing.nby David HallmannHillbillies and Rednecksn—The Southern Redneck: A Phenomenological Class Study bynJulian B. Roebuck and Mark Hickson IIInRednecks don’t take to Jerry Falwell any more than leftistnsociologists enjoy Merle Haggard.nby Tommy W. RogersnThe Re-Possessedn—The Pied Piper: Allard K. Lowenstein and the LiberalnDream by Richard Cummingsn—In Defense of Liberal Democracy by Walter BernsnThe liberal dream inspires radical nightmares.nby Lee CongdonnCORRESPONDENCEnLetter From Wisconsin by David TillotsonnLetter From the Heartland by Jane GreernLetter From the Lower Right by John Shelton ReednVITAL SIGNSnSCREENnPaying and Praying on the Old Homesteadnby E. Christian KopfFnMUSICnSelling the Farm: Country Music in the 80’snby Janet Scott BadownSTAGEnA (Re)Movable Feast by David KaufmannARTnTriptych of a Tartar by Andrei Navrozovn25n28n31n40n41n42n43n45n47nnn50nBOOKSHELVESnPastor to the Pariahs: James L.nSauer on Who Speaks fornGod?nThe Maze of Metaphor: StephennL. Tanner on AmericannPoetics of History: FromnEmerson to the ModernsnCalifornia Monologue: MartinnMorse Wooster on The OuternCoastnFlightless Bird: Brian Murray onnGalapagosnRedeemer Novel: Carl C. Curtisnon Honorable MennDisintering Detente: MichaelnWarder on The SovietnParadox: Eternal Expansion,nInternal DeclinenDEPARTMENTSnREVISIONSnThe Boy From Oak Park: ThenYoung HemingwaynCreen Thoughts in a GreennShade: The Gardener’s YearnPOETRYnIn a Motel Parking Lot, Thinkingnof Dr. Williams by WendellnBerrynBOOKS IN BRIEFn35n36n37n38n14n29n33n32, 38nJULY 19861 5n