OPINIONSnClipping the Angel’s Wings 22n—The Rustle of Language by Roland Barthesn—The Humiliation of the Word by Jacques Elluln—Rhetoric and Form: Deconstruction at Yale by Robert C.nDavis and Ronald SchleifernFrench fashions become passe among literature professors enthrallednwith the daring new looks in Pravda and Ms.nby Bryce J. ChristensennSons of Jacob 26n—The Jews Under Roman and Byzantine Rule by M. Avi-nYonahn—Judios, Espanoles en la Edad Media by Luis Suarez Fernandezn—L’eclipse du sacre by Alain de Benoist and Thomas MolnarnRome once taught Chrishans how to hate the Jews, but in thenbattle against modern secularism, Baptists and Rabbis closenranks.nby Paul GottfriednPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESnOn ‘Straw Men and Ideologues’nOn McCarthy, Pro and ConnVITAL SIGNSnSCREENnStar Dreck by Sam KarnicknTELEVISIONnFactious Fundamentalists by Janet Scott BarlownTYPEFACESnThe Pope and the Press by Joseph Schwartzn40n42n43n46nnnBOOKSHELVESnSecond Adam: John L. Romjuenon Jesus Through thenCenturies: His Place in thenHistory of CulturenDialogue of Self and Soul: PhilipnF, Lawler on Death of thenSoul: From Descartes to thenComputernThe Future of Private Language:nWilliam Rice on SelectednPoemsnCastro’s Heart of Darkness:nMichael Warder on AgainstnAll Hope: The Prison MemoirsnCORRESPONDENCEnLetter From Maryland by MartinnMorse WoosternLetter From the Presbytery bynC.A. McGheenLetter From the Heartland bynJane GreernLetter From the Lower Right bynJohn Shelton ReednDEPARTMENTSnPOETRYn29n30n31n32n34n35n37n38nSriH by Peter Dale 13nBEST BOOKS OF 1986 9nREVISIONSnCandidates for Commitment:nScientists of the Mind:nIntellectual Founders ofnModern PsychologynSauce for the Goose: ThenCreation of MythologynScholars and Shamans: FromnMohammed to the Age ofnReformsnBOOKS IN BRIEFn10n16n21n7, 24nDECEMBER 1986 / Sn