IF YOU DON’T FEELnAT HOME WITH THEnRIGHT OR THE LEFTnTHESE DAYS…nMost magazines like to fit theirnreaders into little boxes. Eithernyou’re a New Deal liberal whonworships high taxes or you’rena New Right conservative whonwants to outlaw rock and roll.nAt Reason, we know better.nWe know that lots of people prefer to think fornthemselves. And we know that today’s conventionalnwisdom is tomorrow’s discreditednbunk. That’s why Reason is the only magazinenthat dares to:n• Explore the case for legalizing marijuana—andnthe case against gun controln• Expose the myth of scientific creationism—andndefrock the scientific priesthoodnof NASAn: hm<»>^^ y’nQuestion the US role innNATO—and publish onenof the few readable articlesnever written aboutnPresident Reagan’s StarnWars proposalnMonth after month, 11 times anyear, Reason delivers a brand of hard-hitting,niconoclastic reporting and commentary thatnjust can’t be found elsewhere.nFrom a rebel’s eye view of the Afghanistan warnto Charles Murray sharing his favorite books,nfrom exposing feminist sex cops to ThomasnSowell writing on Hitler, Reason brings younthe freshest thinking around. It’s not the conventionalnwisdom—but then, clear thinkingnnever has been.nSo if the wisdom of the right and the leftnleaves you cold, try Reason.nThe first issue is free.nD Send me the current issue of Reason and bill me for a fullnyear (10 more clear-thinking issues) for just $12. If I’m notnintrigued with the first issue, I’ll return the bill marked “cancel”nand owe nothing. The free issue will be mine to keep.nD Here’s my $12. Send me an extra issue free (12 issuesnaltogether) for saving you the trouble of billing me. (If I’m notnsatisfied with the first issue, I may write for a full refund, nonquestions asked.)nNamenAddressnCitynState ^ Zip.nREASON, Box 27977, San Diego, CA 92128nnn2027nOCTOBER 1986/3n