Letters From Tocqueville 29n—Alexis de Tocqueville: Selected Letters on Politics andnSociety, edited by Roger BoeschenEasy editing makes for hard reading.nby John LukacsnGermania Tremens 30n—Germany Today by Walter Laqueurn—On Writing and Politics, 1967-1983 by Giinter GrassnGiinter Grass and his friends dig the grave for the BonnnRepubUc.nby Arthur M. EcksteinnRendering Unto Caesar 34n—Theologians Under Hitler by Robert P. EricksennNational Socialism (like International Socialism) had its ownnset of Christian apologists.nby Daniel J. O’NeilnVITAL SIGNSnSCREENnGround Zero, 1950 by Kate Dalton 40nARTnBig Brother Sits for a Portrait by Inga Karetnikova and 41nIgor GolomstocknCORRESPONDENCEnLetter From Poland by James H. BowdennLetter From the Heartland by Jane GreernLetter From New York by Stephen KogannLetter From the Lower Right by John Shelton ReednPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESnOn ‘Conspiracies Against the Nation’ by Sean Robert GeretynThe Editor RepliesnOn ‘Naming the Bard’ by F.W. BrownlownMs. Greer Repliesn45n46n49nnn50n51nBOOKSHELVESnEpigones of the Lost Generation: 36nCarl C. Curtis on After thenLost GenerationnFrom Jeb and Abigail: E.ChristiannKopff on Manuscripts: The FirstnTwenty YearsnGoing Back to Charleston: 37nIntellectual Life innAntebellum CharlestonnJournalists and Other Turncoats:nJohn Romjue onnWith the Enemy: The Story ofnPFC Robert GarwoodnTelling Stories Out of School: 38nBrian Murray on P.E.N. NewnFiction InThe Mafioso: ChristophernMuldor on Organized CrimenThe Celts of the West: Andrew 39nShaughnessy on The Lords ofnthe Isles: The Clan Donaldnand the Early Kingdom of thenScotsnDEPARTMENTSnREVISIONSnMy America, My 33nNew-Found-Land:TftenMagnificent Ambersons; ThenGrandmothersnStamped With the Image of the 47nKing: The Quest for Merlin;nPerceval or The Story of thenGrailnA Private Publicist: Public 48nPhilosopher: Selected Letters ofnWalter LippmannnREADERS SURVEY snBOOKS IN BRIEF 35nSEPTEMBER 1986 / 5n