We Don^t JustnReport The News.nWe Make News.nWhere else can you read • • •nJONAS SAVIMBIn”The War Against SovietnColonialism.” A blueprint fornthe Reagan doctrine, by thenleader of Angola’s freedomnfighters. “From Mao Inlearned how to fight and winn0 guerrilla war. I alsonlearned how not to run ancountry.”nPAUL LAXALTn”My Conversations with FerdinandnMarcos.” An insidernaccount by the AmericannSenator who helped changenmodern Philippine history.nLaxalt provides previouslynunreported information onnthe dramatic events that catapultednCorazon Aquino tonpower.nCHARLTON HESTONn”A Conservative in FHollywood.”nHeston exposesnproducers and screenwritersnas McGovern-style radicalsn”far to the left of the populationnas a whole.” His articlencontains frank and funnyncomments about sex, God,nand politics on the Americannscreen.nPOLICY REVIEWnJESSE HELMSn”America’s Covenant WithnIsrael.” For the first time SenatornHelms explains hisnastonishing change of heartnabout Israel. His moving firstpersonnarticle combines theologynwith political strategynto argue that Christiansnshould stand with the Jews tondefend the promised landnfrom Soviet expansionism.nAmerican conservatism’s most quoted and influential magazine.nNAME.nADDRESS.nCITY/STATE/ZIP _nD Payment EnclosednCard numbernIplease print)nD Bill me D VISA D Master Card D American ExpressnExp. Date SignaturenBegin my subscription: D Current issue D Next issue D one year $ 15 D two years $28 • ttiree years 3nThe flagship publication of The Heritage Foundation.nCiieclc payable lo: Policy Review, 214 Massachusetts Ave, N.E., Washington, D.C., 20002. Add $5.00 postage per year for foreign air-speeded deliverynnn