Unraveling the Remnantn—The Rise of the Counter-Establishment: From ConservativenIdeology to Political Power by Sidney Blumenthalnby John C. ChalbergnOld Babbitts Die Hardn—Ford: The Men and the Machine by Robert Laceynby Wilfred M. McClaynFine Chinan—The Burning Forest: Essays on Chinese Culture and Politicsnby Simon Leysnby Jonathan ChavesnThe American Flea Cireusn—Fleamarkets by Joel D. LevinsonnInvasion of the Child-Snatchersn—The Child Abuse Industry: Outrageous Facts & EverydaynRebellions Against a System that Threatens Every North AmericannFamily by Mary PridenLove and Deathn—Life and Fate by Vasily Grossmannby Michael WardernInstitutionalized Musicn—The House of Music: Art in an Era of Institutions bynSamuel Lipmannby John VaionA Second Opinionn—An Autobiography: Confessions of a Parish Priest by AndrewnGreeleynby Jacob NeusnernThe Triumph of Timen—Evolution as Entropy: Toward a Unified Theory of Biologynby Daniel R. Brooks and E.G. Wileyn22n25n27n30n32n32n34n34nnn36nCORRESPONDENCEnLettei From Florida by JanetnScott BarlownLetter From Waterford by IvannHelfmannLetter From Fort Worth bynHamilton H, HowzenLetter From Albion by AndreinNavrozovnLetter From the Lower Right bynJohn Shelton ReednLetter From the Heartland bynJane GreernVITAL SIGNSnPOP CULTUREnFillet of Soul by Gary VasilashnARTnNotes on Art Restoration: ThenSistine Chapel by ThomasnMolnarnOne Week in the Life of thenWorid of Art by RobinnWeismannDEPARTMENTSnPOETRYnLandscape by James MichienREVISIONSnVictorian Restoration: Victoria:nAn Intimate BiographynConditional Freedom: IndustrialnDemocracy in AmericanBOOKS IN BRIEFnOn the Covern37n39n41n42n43n44n46n47n48n15n29n49n40nIllustration on the cover by Anna Mycek-nWodecki, and throughout the text by Zbigniewnand Emilia Fitz.nJULY 1987/5n