Jefferson Thomas Paine Adam Smith John Stuart Mill Machiavelli Marx ThoreaunGi^at Ideas ThatnShaped Our WorldnMake Your Driving Time More RewardingnIntroducing a breakthroughnapproach to knowledge: timelessnideas brought to life in sound.nThe wisdom of the past can helpnus better understand the presentnand anticipate the future. But hownmany of us have the time to readnand study the ideas of great authorsnlike Jefferson, Adam Smith,nMachiavelli, Mill, and others? Fornthose who don’t, these classicnthoughts are now on audio tape.nIf you spend just 30 minutes anday in your car, you can gain anbetter understanding of the issuesnand events that great thinkers facedn. . . and that we face today.nThe Audio Classics arendramatized condensations of thenoriginal works. Each tape is excitingnand enjoyable because of ournunique presentation techniques.nThey will stimulate your mind,nbroaden your horizons and enrichnyour life.n;,«,•.•*«•’*!”,n^^SStZnKNOWLEDGEnPRODUCTSSn120 Tremont Street, Boston, MA. 02108nThe Audio Classics LibrarynThere are 12 monthly selections ofntwo cassettes each:n1 COMMON SENSEnDECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCEnCIVIL DISOBEDIENCEnTHE LIBERATORnWEALTH OF NATIONS (Part 1)*nWEALTH OF NATIONS (Part 2)*nON LIBERTYnVINDICATION OF THE RIGHTSnOF WOMANnTHE PRINCEnDISCOURSE ON VOLUNTARYnSERVITUDEnCOMMUNIST MANIFESTOnSOCUL CONTRACTnREFLECTIONS ON THEnREVOLUTION IN FRANCEnRIGHTS OF MANn9 THE FEDERALIST PAPERS*n10. LEVLVTHAN*n11. TWO TREATISES OF GOVERNMENT*n12, DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA*n*One title in a two-tape album.nKNOWLEDGE PRODUCTS, 120 Tremont Street, Boston, MA, 02108n15-day trial offer- no obligationsatisfactionnguaranteednJust clip the coupon and we’llnrush you our first two cassettes.nWe will charge your credit cardnn4.95 plus $2.00 shipping andnhandling on a convenient monthlynbasis. Or, save S24.00 in shippingnand handling charges with annadvance payment of $179-00 (check,nmoney order or credit card).nIf you’re dissatisfied, return thentapes within 15 days and we’llncredit your account or refund yournmoney. The same 15-day free trialnapplies for each selection, and younmay cancel your subscription at anyntime without penalty.nBravo! Invaluable! Increased mynknowledge. Reshaped my thinking.nKeeps me mentally fit! Use the ideasnall the time. These are just a fewnsamples of the rave reviews fromnAudio Classics subscribers. Shouldn’tnyou join them?nD YES! Send me the first two tapes, COMMON SENSE and DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE,nand begin my no-risk subscription to the Audio Classics. I will receive the remainingn22 tapes in albums of two each month.nD Charge my aedit card $17900 (A SAVINGS OF J24.00)nn Charge my credit card $14,95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling on a convenientnmonthly basis,nn Mastercard D Visa • American ExpressnAccount No, ExpiresnSignaturenn My check or money order for $17900 is enclosed,n(A SAVINGS OF $24.00!)nNamenAddressnCity, State, ZipnPhone 659nnn