Cut Off Aid TonThe NicaraguannFreedom FightersnAnd ThennWhat?nUnchallenged, the Marxist Sandinista regime will have no incentive to negotiatena democratic solution. Consolidated in power with the betrayal of the Nicaraguannpeople complete, the Sandinista ‘revolution without frontiers’ will move into higherngear. Marxist students, union and peasant leaders will fan out and infiltrate the entirenCentral American region.nAnd the Nicaraguan people?nThey will quickly acknowledge the collapse of American political resolve, stare intonthe face of future Marxist tyranny and march.nHundreds of thousands of Nicaraguan refugees will overrun the neighboringncountries, overburdening the fragile economies and making democracy in the regionna ward of the American taxpayer for years to come. Central America is concerned.nIt worries that Washington is not focusing on the real problem.nIs the U.S. Congress really ready to assume full responsibility fornholding up the socio-economic and political roof in Central America for as long asnit takes? Is Congress ready to throw open the doors of this country to relieve thenpressure of refugees from the region? To abandon Nicaraguans fighting to regainntheir country from the Marxists, the U.S. Congress will break faith with democracynand the people of an entire region.nToday, Central Americans do not fear U.S. involvement,nthey fear U.S. withdrawal.nHelp us alert America. Support the publicationnof this advertisement in other media. Yourncontributions are tax deductible.nTlie Council For Ihe Defense of FreedomnFounded in 1951 to promote national security and world freedomnP.O. Box 28526 Washington D.C. 20038n(202) 789-4294nnELECTRONIC REPRODUCTION wmmmmmimmmmm PROHIBITEDn1002n