ExecutionnIs life possible in Illyricum?nby Momcilo SelicnOPINIONSnPazn— The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz, edited by EliotnWeinbergern— Convergences: Essays on Art and Literature by Octavio Paznby Fred ChappellnAges in Chaosn— Treason in Tudor England: Politics and Paranoia by LaceynBaldwin Smithn— Conspiracy of Silence: The Secret Life of Anthony Blunt bynBarrie Penrose and Simon Freeman ^nby Samuel FrancisnU.S. — Staying in Businessn—Manufacturing Matters: The Myth of the Post-IndustrialnEconomy by Stephen S. Cohen and John Zysmannby William R. HawkinsnJerry-Built American—Mies van der Rohe: A Critical Biography by Franz Schulzenby Fred ButzennThe Discoveryn— The Southern Vision of Andrew Lytic by Mark Lucasnby David HallmannHumanism as a Fine Artn—Paul Elmer More: Literary Criticism as the History of Ideasnby Stephen L. Tannernby Carl C. CurtisnCORRESPONDENCEnLetter From the Heartland by Jane GreernLetter From the Lower Right by John Shelton ReednLetter From Albion by Andrei Navrozovn23n28n31n33n36n38n39n40n41n42nnnVITAL SIGNSnSCREENnSiren Song by Katherine DaltonnTHE MEDIAnShadows in the LimeUght bynBryce ]. Christensenn44n45nPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESnOn ‘Hooked on Socialism’ 47nDEPARTMENTSnPOETRYnAutumn Day by RainernMaria RilkenQuartet (Quarteto) bynOctavio PaznLIBERAL ARTSnBOOKS IN BRIEFnChroniclesnSUBSCRIBER SERVICEnMissing Issues If your issue fails to arrivenor is badly damaged in transit, send us the datenof the issue and we will rush you a substitute.nMoving to a New Address Let us knownyour new address as early as possible and wenwill update your subscription file accordingly.nPlease allow 4 weeks for the address change.nBack Issue Requests Back issues can benordered for $2.50 (including postage) whilenour inventory lasts. Please send check withnorder.nGift Subscriptions Give Chronicles giftnsubscriptions to family and friends. We will benhappy to bill you.nSubscriber Service AddressnPlease mail all correspondence about yournsubscription to: Chronicles P.O. Box 800nMt. Morris, JL 61054nFor Immediate Service call toll-free:n1-800-435-0715nIllinois Residents: 1-800-892-0753nOn the Covern16n22n30n38nIllustration on the cover by Greg Spalenka,nand throughout the text by Anna Mycek-nWodecki. Drawing on page 47 by ZbigniewnFitz.nAPRIL 19881 3n