Yankee Slavers 28n—Proslavery: A History of the Defense of Slavery in America,n1701-1840 hyhanyE. Tisenby Clyde WilsonnCaudillo and Generalissimo 32n—Franco: A Biography by J.P. Fusin— The Franco Regime, 1936-1975 by Stanley G. Paynenby Lee CongdonnThe Two Faces of Freud 35n—Sigmund Freud’s Christian Unconscious by Paul C. Vitznby Kirk Kilpatrickn”Here Is Free Country” 36n—Freedom’s Child by Walter Polovchak with Kevin Klosenby Myron B. KuropasnCORRESPONDENCEnLetter From Moscow by Russ BraleynLetter From the Heartland by Jane GreernLetter From the Lower Right by John Shelton ReednPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESnOn ‘Bribemasters’nMr. Warder RepliesnVITAL SIGNSnSCREENnDevil Trouble by Sam KarnicknPOP CULTUREnPhil Ochs and the Old Prof by R.A. HillnARTnWashington in Drag by Steve MarlinnThe Other Pasternak by Andrei Navrozovn37n39n40n42n44n45n46n49nnn51nDEPARTMENTSnPOETRYnA Writer in Exile: Ovid’s 11nEpistulae Ex Ponto, 11.7nby David R. SlavittnREVISIONSnRediscovering the Word: ABC: 40nThe Alphabetization of thenPopular MindnChroniclesnSUBSCRIBERnSERVICEnMoving? Problems With Delivery? Want tonOrder Back Issues? A Gift Subscription for anFriend?nChronicles’ Subscriber Service will givenimmediate attention to your subscriptionnchanges, problems, or requests.nMissing Issues If your issue fails to arrivenor is badly damaged in transit, send us the datenof the issue and we will rush you a substitute.nMoving to a New Address Let us knownyour new address as early as possible and wenwill update your subscription file accordingly.nPlease allow 4 weeks for the address change.nBack Issue Requests Back issues can benordered for $2.50 (including postage) whilenour inventory lasts. Please send check withnorder.nGift Subscriptions Give Chronicles giftnsubscriptions to family and friends. We will benhappy to bill you.nSubscriber Service AddressnPlease mail all correspondence about yournsubscription to:nChroniclesnP.O. Box 800nMt. Morris, IL 61054nFor Immediate Service call toll-free:n1-800-435-0715nIllinois Residents: 1-800-892-0753nOn the CovernDrawing on the cover and inside illustrationsnby Krystyna Jachniewicz.nOCTOBER 1988/Sn