POWERFULPROVOCAnVEnPROFOUND.n^’ The finest moral and intellectual history of the nuclear weapons ^^^jl^”^Z7!’,°;oZ,7,'”;ndebate I have ever seen. W — Angelo Codevilla, Hoover Institution I —nIn a detailed analysis of the just war doctrine—as it applies concretely to existing andnproposed technology^—Martino argues for a policy which would maximize the chancesnI r rlQlll’innnI ft ** ilnfor a lasting peace and minimize the risks of a devastating war: the ability to use certainnnuclear weapons in the defense of important values while satisfying the criteria of the justnwar doctrine. He examines with precision and thoroughness the just war doctrine as itnI vrflSf^QO ^Pfl,nI y^^ ^ —-.J- -nI se of Nuclear Weaponsnapplies to the concrete realities of political organization, existing international relation- f «*.,„„ “nships and, especially, the weapons and the military organization which we now have andncan expect.n/ ‘^”””^^»7”^’S/l’Z!^Z’!!r””n”Martino’s treatment of the moral imperatives inherent in the SDI issue is, in mynview, the most clear and incisive yet published.”‘n— General Daniel Graham, Director, High FrontiernIn,n'”^^^”^*”‘»*««<<»Biwai,n.n”A comprehensive and closely reasoned study . . . Martino has accepted thenchallenge of the U.S. Bishops and met it magnificently.””nI ••.••••••••,;•, fgnatrus-n— Ambassador Edward L. Rowny, from the Foreword 320 pages, $15.95nJACQUELINE KASUNn^^ An urgently needed book showing Jacqueline Kasun’s mastery ofnboth economics and moral philosophy. ?5nTHEV/A^ — George Gilder, Author, Men and MarriagenAGAINST _ The idea that humanity is multiplying at a terrible and accelerating rate is one of then_- ATION ^^^ ^^’^^ dogmas of our times. From that notion springs the widely held belief that unlessn1 OFULA ^^2 population growth is immediately contained by every governmental and private methodnTh>Economics ^m -4^^ imaginable, mankind faces imminent disaster. These ideas form the basis for annndideoiog>’ IBHIJ^^M^ enormous international population-control industry that involves billions of dollars ofnof PopuVation ^HH^HHj^ taxes. In her tour de force expose. Dr. Kasun shatters the dogmas of the controllers—nControl •^^^^^Bn tenets that simply fall apart under close scrutiny and comparison with a mountain of data.n”A shocking account of the multi-billion dollar movement of the populationncontrollers and their efforts to enforce global population control. It deserves to reach thenwidest possible audience.”” —Tom Bethel!, Hoover Institutionn'”This book urgently needs to be read. It carefully exposes two of the leading frauds ofnour time—the “overpopulation” hysteria and the false pretense of “sex education”‘.n— Thomas Sowell, Author, A Conflict of Visionsn225 pages, $14.95n^^ Few teachers can match Schall at conveying a sense of the life of thenmind. He never forgets that ‘to learn’ is a transitive verb, and that its objectnis truth. 99 — Joseph Sobran, Editor, National Reviewn_ I —‘.^ti y SCHALLnNoting the current widespread concern about the quality of education in our schools,nSchall examines what is taught and read (and not read) in these schools. This booknquestions the fundamental philosophical and theological premises found in our culturenwhich often do not allow truth even to be considered because its very possibility is deniednin academic presuppositions.n”Foryears I have meant to write such a book -di^AnotherSort of Learning. It is full of / ^.^J^’ij^B^’&.dF”””””‘nmuch valuable wisdom.”‘ — Russell Kirk , Author, The Conservative Mindn”A delightful book … containing unusually sane reflections on education, unusuallynreflective reviews of books, and unusually discriminating booklists. Just the book I have •- ‘CNATIU^nwanted to give my students for years.'”n- Peter Kreeft, Boston College 3^4 ^^^^^^ ^^^.95nt|S] gnatus pRessn15 Oakland Avenue • Harrison, NY 10528 A Fighting Chance (S15.95) _nThe War Against Population (S 14.95)nName Another Sort of Learning (S12.95)nAddress Shipping and handling (SI .50 per book)nTotal -nCity State Zip 3 Please enclose payment with ordernnn