Will Uncle Sam Be Our National Baby-Sitter?nMore than 80% of mothers say that theynwould prefer to remain at home with their childrennif they could afford to do so. Yet some Congressmennand Senators want you to believe that daycare is annecessary part of today’s American family.nOnly one child in ten is in institutional daycare.nThree out of four children not in mother care are innrelative care. Under ABC, family daycare groupsnwill have to be licensed – yes. Grandmother, thatnmeans you!n80% of preschool children with employednmothers come from 2-parent/2-eamer families withna median income of $38,000 – that is 80% more thannthe median income of families where only the fathernis employed.nIs there a solution to the daycare dilemma?nWHO WILL ROCK THE CRADLE? is a challengingnlook at the federal debate on child care, the differencenbetween caring for children and institutionalizingnthem.n’ Are American families unfairly overtaxed?n> What are the twelve myths about families andndaycare?n’ How do we measure “quality” child care?n’ Have we lost interest in the next generation?n• Does “one size fit all” when it comes to child care?nProfessionals from around the country answer some of the latest questions about child care. PhyllisnSchlafly compiled these speeches in what is destined to be one of the most influential books of the 1990s:nWHO WILL ROCK THE CRADLE?nEagle Forum has assumed thenleadership role in the battle tonprevent the Federal Government,nfeminists and the medianfrom getting control of preschoolnchildren. Eagle Forumnhas had a tremendous record ofnlegislative successes in Congress and the statenlegislatures, in articulating policy and in electingncandidates.n2/CHRONICLESnEAGLE FORUMnEnclosed isn$14.95 postpaid.nNamenStreetnCity-nstatennn-Zip.nPhone ( )-nEagle Forum,nBox 618, Alton, IL 62002n(618)462-5415nfor_ books @n