ChroniclesnA MAGAZINE OF AMERICAN CULTUREn”It is essential to the triumph of reform that itnshall never succeed.”n—HazlittnPERSPECTIVEnVIEWSnThe Cost of Revolution: England and 1789 14nby George WatsonnThe English Revolution was restorative, the Frenchnwas not; that difference makes all the difference.nYou Say You Want a Revolution 19nPeople still want to change the world. Leo Raditsanon South Africa, Don Feder on Israel, MichaelnWarder on the USSR, and Geoffrey Wagner onnthe Caribbean.nAn End to the Political Pilgrimage? 28nby Paul HollandernThe author of Political Pilgrims on the latest innideological tourism.nOPINIONSnRoots of Radicalism by Lee CongdonnParting the Waters: America in the King Years,n1954-63 by Taylor Branch. A critique of MartinnLuther King from the left.n— REVIEWSnJacob Neusner’s only complaint against CharlesnSykes’s indictment of academia is that Profscamndoesn’t go far enough • The remarkable thingnabout Irina Ratushinskaya, says Leon Steinmetz,nis that she is not embittered by her ordeal in anSoviet prison • Thomas McGonigle reviewsnDavid Slavitt’s latest novel, Salazar Blinks •nCORRESPONDENCEnLetter From Washington: Our Nation,nYour Moneynby Samuel FrancisnThe Legacy of 1789 by Thomas FlemingnThe simple principle of “one man, one vote”nwould put an end to democracy in America.n34n37n42nLetter From the Southwest: 43nDoctoring Honornby Odie FaulknLetter From the Lower Right: In With the 45nIn-Crowd: Talkin’ Trash, Spendin’ Cashnby John Shelton ReednLetter From the Heartland: When Pigs Fly 47nby Jane Greern10nVITAL SIGNS —nNew Thoughts oh the French Revolutionnby Thomas MolnarnDr. Koop on Life, Liberty,nand a ‘Smoke-Free’ Americanby Tibor R. MachannDEPARTMENTS —nPOLEMICS & EXCHANGES 4nCULTURAL REVOLUTIONS 6nPOETRYnFires in the Bronx by William Baer 27nandnCollectors by Harold McCurdy 32nREVISIONS 41nTaking Liberties: Belonging to America: EqualnCitizenship and the Constitutionnby Kenneth L. KarstnON THE COVERnCover of Robespierre who, having executed all ofnFrance, guillotines the executioner. From the BibliothequenNationale, Paris. Inside illustrations by DanielnSweetman, except where noted.nnn48n50nJUNE 1989/3n