The Soundnof GreatnIdeas!nHEAR what these provocativenthinkers have to say about self-discovery,nthe quality of life, the naturenof the creative mind, changes takingnplace in the world today, and whatnyou can do to bring about change.nThere’s a difference in hearingnnew ideas rather than simply readingnthem. The author is able to providenhis or her unique emphases innways impossible to accomplish innprint. Pauses and tonal changes becomenmeaning and create insightsnand increased understanding.nAnd audio cassettes provide anmedium for learning experiencesnThe actual voices of… Carl RogersnErich Fromm • C. P. SnownBruno Bettelheim • Carlos CastanedanSir Edmund Hillary • B. R SkinnernJacob Bronowski • Bruno BettelheimnBuckminster Fuller . . . and many others.nthat can be shared simultaneouslynwith someone else, thus encouragingnimmediate discussion and interaction.nToday’s audio cassettes capturenthe inflections, nuances and flavornof the original speaker, and let younhear them over and over while driving,ncooking, jogging, etc. Sincensome of these voices will never benheard again, here’s your opportunitynto savor the sound of greatnideas that have shaped today’snworld, and to own these cassettesnfor your library.nFrom the more than 4,000 titles innThe 26 audio cassettes listed here were chosen by a panel of expertsnwho were asked to select only tapes which would be timely andnrelevant. Each has passed the simple test of genuine interest:n”Would you want to listen,to this tape again?”nHEAR these famous speakers:nO Albert Schweitzer: On Goethe (trans, by Thornton Wilder) (80 min.)nO Erich Fromm: To Have or to Be: The Nature of the Psyche (56 min.)n0 W.H. Auden; The Poetry of W.H. Auden (59 min.)n© Bruno Bettelheim: Man’s Identity in a Mass Society (48 min.)nO Otto Bettman: The Good Old Days: They Were Terrible (55 min.)nO Jacob Bronowski: The Ascent of Man (55 min.)n© Carlos Castaneda: Don Juan: The Sorcerer (38 min.)nO Alistair Cooke: America: An Outside View (55 min.)nO Edward De Bono: How to Change Ideas (55 min.)nO Salvador DeMadariaga: The Myth of Disarmament (24 min.)nO Robert Frost: An Evening with Robert Frost (55 min.)nO Buckminster Fuller: Twentieth Century Renaissance (55 min.)nO Edwin Newman: Decline and Fall of American Language (55 min.)nO S.I. Hayakawa: Language: Key to Human Understanding (50 min.)n© Thor Heyerdahl: Waters of the World (58 min.)nO Gilbert Highet: Proverbs and Anatomy of Slang (30 min.)n© Sir Edmund Hillary: Nothing Venture, Nothing Win (55 min.)nO Groucho Marx: Fast Mind, Faster Mouth (60 min.)n© Margaret Mead: Hou) People Change (25 min.)nO Ashley Montagu: The Nature of Human Nature (48 min.)nO Asimov & Pohl: Science Fiction: The Early Days (55 min.)nO Carl Rogers: Toward a Science of the Person (65 min.)nO Idries Shah: Framework for New Knowledge (44 min.)nO B-F- Skinner: Behaviorism at Fifty (60 min.)nO C.P. Snow: The Ro/e of Personality in Science (44 min.)nO R- Ornstein & D. Galin: Our Two Brains: Rational & Intuitive (56 min.)nthe prestigious Audio-Forum Library,nwe have selected 26 extraordinarynrecordings. Imagine hearingnthese dynamic personalities in thenintimacy of your own home! Thenregular price per cassette is $13.95.nBut now for the special price ofn$9.95 you have the opportunity tonlisten whenever and wherever younchoose. PLUS for every 3 cassettesnyou buy, we’ll send you a cassettenof your choice FREE!n”The Sound of Great Ideas” fromnAudio-Forum. Room C544 , Guilford,nCT 06437 (203) 453-9794.n1 understand that for every 3 cassettesnI order, I will get one FREE!nPlease send me the following selections at $9.95 each plusn$1.00 shipping charge for the first tape, and .50 for eachnadditional tape.n(CT residents add sales tax.)nFor every 3 tapes paid for, I have selected a free one.nMy selections: (^^ ( ) ( jnMy free selection; (Nnooononn I am enclosing $1 for your Audio Catalog.nD Here is my cassette order; please sendnAudio Catalog free.nTotal amount of order: $ .n(Including tax and shipping.)nD Check enclosednD MasterCardnD Diners ClubnnnNAME (Print)nADDRESS, APT InCITY, STATE, ZIPnSIGNATUREnn American ExpressnD VISAnExpiration Date:nCard #nMAIL TO:nauDiG’^aRum®nRoom C544 , 96 Broad St.,nGuilford, CT 06437 (203) 463-9794n1n