PERSPECTIVESnA Judeo-Christian View of Economic IssuesnPERSPECTIVES is a five(5)-part video series (VHS), each 45 minutesnlong, featuring internationally prominent economists and philosophers,nmen who believe that values are more important than economics:nIncluding: Subjects Covered:nAmbassador Michael Novak Parti The Creation of WealthnAmerican Enterprise InstitutenA Host of Distinguished Guests Part II An Overview:nEconomics and ValuesnProfessor Walter E. Williams (Economics) Part III The Immorality ofnGeorge Mason University Our Welfare StatenDr. Paul Craig Roberts (Economics) Part IV Collapsing SocialismnCenter for Strategic & International StudiesnNobel Laureate in Economics”Dr. James Buchanan PartV Public or Private ChoicenGeorge Mason Universityn”PERSPECTIVES provides a serious and valuablenintroduction to the moral underpinnings of the capitalistneconomy. Drawing on some of the brightest and mostnarticulate scholars of the day, this series shows that,ncontrary to many of the currently fashionable arguments,ntrue economic justice is best achieved by the opportunitiesnand individual initiative of the free market.”nWILLIAM E. SIMONnFormer Secretary of the U.S. Treasuryn”CEBA achieves national value in propagating thenideas of free markets and responsible citizenship. Wenshould all be thankful that CEBA has done itsnhomework thoroughly and that the truth will ultimatelynprevail.”nGEORGE C. ROCHE, IIInPresident, Hillsdale CollegenThis series has been carefully prepared and is designed to teach fundamental economic ideas, supportive of our democraticcapitalisticnsystem as undergirded by our Judeo-Christian values. It is excellent material for an adult Bible study group,nas back-up to a sermon, as an adjunct to a college class in economics or government or a senior-level high school class.nIt is appropriate for seminary instruction as well or an addition to your home library.nCEBA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization and, because of its sponsors, is able to make this material available to younfor a very modest tax-deductible contribution:nA. Any single video (indicate Part )nB. A complementary book and Teacher’s GuidenC. A one-year receipt of semi-annual journal, CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVES …nORnD. All three for a contribution of ONLYnSend your tax-deductible check or money order to:nor call Bob Mateer, 804-582-2338nnn$15.00 or all five (5) videos 165.00n$ 6.00 $ 6.00n$ 5.00 $ 5.00n120.00 aU for $70.00nCEBAnP.O. Box 11471nLynchburg, VA 24506n